Blissemas Day 5 is Stress Free with Demelza Hart!


It’s the fifth day of Blissemas and the lovely Demelza Hart shares with us the key to a stress free Christmas.

So pop over to Blissemas and follow the link to Demelza’s blog and join in with the fun!


And now for a little bit of Blisse. I’ve got LOTS of Christmas stories, here’s a snippet from an old story with a brand new cover because it’s getting ready to go to print! This sexy snippet is one of my favourite ever snog scenes. It makes me warm and fuzzy every time I read it.

A bit of Blisse for Blissemas.

Making it Real


He’s her secret fantasy, but can she turn her dreams into reality? Mary loves the internet but is surprised to find herself falling in love over it.

Will is a mysterious, sexy American she meets on a forum and soon it becomes apparent they have Chemistry. Part time waitress and full time author Mary is thrilled to find out her online crush is visiting England on business and plans to seduce him.

But will the heat that freely flows from monitor to monitor be present in the cold reality of Manchester in winter?

Sexy Snippet:

You’ve got bit of snow just here…” he barely whispered the words as his fingers brushed gently against my cheek. They were cold but they heated me up, slowly at first. The flames of lust licked down his fingers to my cheek and then to my neck and lower to suffuse my chest. His fingers traced a light pattern, softly stroking as our eyes locked. I was lost in the depths of those treacle-coloured orbs. I wanted to lean up and press my lips to his.

I thought I was dreaming when I realised his lips were pressed against mine. My eyes closed and my hands wrapped around his neck. His lips were cold, but then so were mine. As we gently undulated them, the heat flowed through from the points where we were joined to suffuse our lips, mouths, hearts and whole bodies with a burning urge, a fiery need. The kiss was not satisfied with being small and tight-lipped. It compelled me to press my lips harder to his, to move them apart and slide them all over the surface of his mouth. His lips were soft, supple and giving. He was kissing me as strongly as I was kissing him, his hand gently cupped my face. The snow below me was cold, but it was a delicious contrast to the heat of his body on top of mine. He pulled his lips from me.

“We should go inside,” he gasped, “before you catch pneumonia.”

“Yes.” I panted, “yes, sure. Inside.” He slipped his body off me and held out a hand to help me up. I sprung into his arms and he wrapped me in a tight embrace. Our lips found each other again and continued the crazed kiss of moments ago. Snow was falling and every other sound was muted. All I could hear was the gasping of our breathing and the slapping of our lips against each other.”

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