Blissemas Day 21 – It’s not all Merry and Bright Sometimes but that’s OK #Blissemas16 #amazingo


Well, blimey, 21st of December, day 21 of Blissemas and Christmas is around the corner. Lily Harlem is our Blissemas elf today, check out her post and comment to be in to win the Kindle Voyage stuffed with smut.  Remember you can comment on this post for an extra entry too!



We see it everywhere. ‘Christmas is for kids’ and ‘Christmas is about family’ and as much as it might be true I don’t think that it’s necessarily helpful. Christmas an be a difficult time for many. Those who are grieving, those without family, people away from their homes and many, many more.
Christmas can bring pressure and expectations. I know I certainly feel it and I love this time of year. There needn’t be expectations. The world won’t explode if you don’t send cards to anyone you’ve ever known, you know. Or you don’t provide 6 different desserts on Christmas day because everyone has their favourite! 
Be gentle with yourself if you’re not in the spirit, you’re not. No use forcing it. Christmas comes every year, maybe next year you’ll be more festive. Do what you can and find enjoyment where you can. If you need to talk to someone then places like The Samaritans are there to help.  Don’t suffer in silence, I can bet a pound to a penny that you’re not the only person feeling this way.   It’s okay. Remember that and don’t feel guilty about not being in the holiday spirit.
There are many lonely people in the world of all ages, and this time of year can really make it worse. How can we combat that?
Think about friends and family, neighbours, people you meet on the street. It takes only a few minutes to make a difference. A short conversation on the phone or in person can bring a smile and might make someone’s whole day. 
I know we’re all busy but this is the season to give and think of others. Together, we can make this Christmas something positive for all.