Blissemas day 19 – Rev Blisse’s Christmas Musings @talksmut #blissemas16 #amazingo

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Every time around this year there seems to be a whole lot of hoo ha about greetings and sayings and spellings.  I’m putting my reverend dog collar (pictured above) on to add my contribution.

I’m a Christian. My holiday is Christmas. Yes, I know it wasn’t my festival to start with, it was pagan. I also know Jesus wasn’t actually born on the 25th December. I’m also not going to be offended if you write ‘Merry Xmas’ after all, the X is a cross, right or if you wish me Happy Holidays.  I believe in love, peace and goodwill to all people. This means EVERYONE and that means I embrace the complex variety of life, religions, cultures  and won’t ever use my beliefs to make anyone else feel bad or falsely elevate myself above anyone else.

World peace starts with me and you. By understanding other cultures and respecting and loving those of all religions and none we do our bit to bridge divides, to spread love and to bring peace to everyone.  I’m not your usual reverend, with a pulpit but this, I suppose is my Christmas address…Blissemas address.

Love one another, be tolerant, be gracious.

Lets fill this festive season with peace and bring a little Blisse to the holidays of one and all.