Blissemas day 19 with Kiru Taye


Day 19 of Blissemas and the end is in sight, So don’t forget to check back on all the Blissemas posts and get your comments in to be in to win the kindle Paperwhite Stuffed with Smut. Each comment counts so the more blogs you comment on the better. Today’s blog comes from Kiru Taye make sure to check it out!

And today’s Spot Prize comes from Salome Wilde and it’s something a bit unusual-Shakespearotica!

Now, onto today’s Blissemas Bonus!


Today I’m taking an excerpt A Blisse Christmas Collection and the very first story I had published way back in 2006, Proving Santa Exists.

Curvy Jenny welcomes Jonathan to Manchester from the USA and involves him in all her Christmas celebrations.


After work, we walk out into the car park. “Here she is. This is Minnie, my Mini. Original name, eh?” All of Jonathan’s six-foot frame looks mightily unimpressed. I don’t think it’s just the car’s name that’s putting him off. “I’ll, er, push back the seat for you.”

Jonathan does fit in, just. His dimensions look a little warped inside my blue, baby car, but he still smiles at me. “It’s not far,” I apologise, turning on the engine and making tracks, “so you won’t be scrunched up for long.”

“Well, I’d only be squashed up on the bus, so I don’t mind, really,” Jonathan replies graciously. “At least I’m sitting next to someone I like. And you smell nice, which is a definite bonus.”

“Thank you, I think.” I laugh loudly, not sure if I should be offended or not.

“You’re welcome.” His smiles are special, each one unique, but all very warming—incredibly warming. Every time he smiles, my face heats up and my insides feel like they’re on a hard boil. “Here we are. I told you, you’d not be folded up for too long.”

Jonathan carefully unfolds himself and extends until his whole self is outside the metal shell of Minnie. I lock up then stride over to my front door, seeing the frost on the bushes twinkle in the streetlight, feeling the slight slip of it under my shoes. Winter is well and truly upon us.

Suddenly, I wonder how tidy I left the interior of my house this morning. I scurry inside and, luckily, it’s the beginning of the week. This means I did my tidying over the weekend and everything looks presentable. Well, to me it does, anyway. “Come in and sit down. I’ll just go and get the Christmas decorations down off the top of my wardrobe and we can get started.”

“Let me give you a hand.” He follows me towards the stairs, instead of going off to the left as I indicated. I feel a little weird walking into my bedroom with a man I’m just beginning to crush on, who also happens to be practically a stranger, following me. My bed is rumpled, my clothes strewn across a chair in the corner. If he looks close enough, he’ll be able to see yesterday’s knickers and bra in amongst the other clothes piled there. You can tell I’m not used to having anyone else in my room. I’m just relieved that I’d not left my vibrator on the bedside cabinet as I quite often do. Now that would be very awkward. I should be thankful there’s only a bit of dirty washing to embarrass me.

Jonathan is very good, though. He doesn’t let his gaze wander and he sticks close to me.

“Well, erm, it’s those boxes that need to come down.” I point up to the top of the pine wardrobe, where three battered boxes rest.

“No problem. I’ll get those down for you.” I love the way his mellow words smooth into each other. I also like the way his shirt rides up as he stands on tip-toe, so that he exposes just a little triangle of soft camel-coloured skin, dappled with the faintest line of dark brown hair. I want to kiss that spot, so much so I lick my lips in preparation but with a shake of my head I pull myself out of my fantasy.

“Okay, first box. Gees, what have you got in here?” He lets the box down on to the bed, and straightens up again with a slight wince.

“That must be the nativity and candles and things. They’re pretty heavy. The other two should be much lighter, I promise.” He stretches up again and my eyes fix on his stomach. Yes, I am a dirty old letch. I feel like one, anyway. Taking advantage of such a cute, handsome guy without his permission. Although I suppose it’s not too bad when he doesn’t even realise I’m doing it.

“Oh, yes. This one’s much lighter.”

I jolt my gaze up from his midriff and take the proffered box from his hands with an apologetic smile. If he caught me staring, he doesn’t pull me up on it. “I’ll take the two light ones down, if you take the heavy one.” “Are you sure you can manage?”

“Sure. One’s tinsel and lights, the other baubles. I’ll get them down, no probs. Oh, can you grab the tree, too? Better take that with us.”

“Would be hard to decorate without it.” He chuckles. I love that sound; it makes my stomach bubble with excitement.

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