Blissemas Day 16 Good Gifts v Bad gifts @TalkSmut #blissemas16 #amazingo



It is day 16 of Blissemas  sponsored  by AmazingO. Don’t forget to visit and check out today’s Blissemas elf Jade A Waters! Remember you need to leave a comment on the post to be in to win the Kindle Voyage stuffed with smut.

Gifts are an integral part of the season. And I’m sure they’re on your mind in some way. I’ve bought and made all mine now so I’m on to the wrapping stage. Where are you up to with yours? Are you still struggling to get the perfect present for someone special? How do you give a good present.

Well, you can’t ever be 100% sure that the gift you give will be appreciated but there are a few things which will make sure the receiver knows you’ve tried your very best.

  1. What do they like? A good place to start when planning a gift is to take into account all the things they enjoy. You might not be able to buy your horse racing mad father a race horse but it certainly gives you a place to start. Horse themed gifts seem like a good idea.

2. Avoid the bog standard. Don’t buy a gift for buying a gift’s sake.  Grabbing any old smelly set, socks, chocolates or bottle of wine won’t be a winner. Think about what the receiver would enjoy and go for that. A big box of chocolate for a chocoholic, a favourite wine for a friend who loves red or socks with favorite characters on will make people smile instead of yet another body spray that’ll never be used.



3.  Add love. This isn’t something I can tell you precisely because we all love differently but I present filled with love will always be appreciated. Add a bow, wrap it in paper of their favourite colour, add in a note, a handmade element of some kind. It’s the added love that can make all the difference.

It’s not rocket science, you probably do all these anyway. What are your tips for giving gifts that will be appreciated.