Blissemas Day 14 with Tanith Davenport & A Blissemas Snog


Day 14 of Blissemas and we’re entering the last week! So don’t forget to check back on all the Blissemas posts and get your comments in to be in to win the kindle Paperwhite Stuffed with Smut. Each comment counts so the more blogs you comment on the better. Today’s blog comes from Tanith Davenport and she muses about why she doesn’t write festive stories.

And today’s Spot Prize comes from Totally Bound!


Now, onto the Sunday Snog acting as a Blissemas Bonus!

Today I’m taking a snog from A Blisse Christmas Collection and a short, hot story called Sleigh Ride

A sleight ride in labland is heated up by some imaginative story telling and caresses under the furs.


“Dashing through the snow on this reindeer sleigh,” I sing, off key, improvising the words in my excitement. Snuggled up beside my husband under soft furs as gentle white flakes flurry around, I feel as if all my Christmases have come at once. It’s not every year you win the lottery. It’s not very year you get to take your whole family to Lapland.

Even better, the daughter is residing happily with the grandparents, great grandparents and aunties and uncles. Daddy and I have hours and hours of sexy snow time to enjoy. Oh yeah, there are advantages to bringing your whole family away on holiday, even the mother-in-law.

“Yah, yah, yah!” Father Christmas (well he looks like Father Christmas) cries and the reindeer begin to move, pulling the sleigh smoothly behind through the soft, silken snow. I snuggle closer to Jim and squeal excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

Jim smiles at me and gently kisses my lips. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him harder, enjoying the wind whipping past my cheeks. His hands wander (as always) and I feel the soft pressure against my breasts beneath the thick snow coat I wear to protect me from the extreme cold. Brits all think they understand cold. It’s not ’til you get to somewhere like Lapland that you realize how mild the weather in Britain actually is. “In this cold, you’re even hotter,” he whispers when our lips break. I squeeze his thigh under the furs and he moans appreciatively.

“So are you, sweetie.” I smile and slide my hand up his thigh ’til I reach the fastening of his trousers.

A Blisse Christmas Collectionincluding Sleigh Ride, Snowed in at School, Proving Santa Exists, Christmas Cake and Master Santa, Mistress Elf is out now and available for download at all your favourite place.

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