Blissemas Day 13 – Fancy a Sleigh Ride? @talksmut #blissemas16 #amazingo


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Now, who fancies a sleigh ride? You? Great! Here’s a whole story from my Christmas anthology entitled Sleigh Ride.

The weather outside is frightful…

Gary and Lucy, two teachers, are snowed in the school together on Christmas Eve. Gary tries to wade across the school playground to freedom but all that happens is he ends up wet and trouserless and Lucy has to work out some way to warm him up. Could this be the ideal opportunity for her to make her sexiest fantasies come true?


Dashing through the snow on this reindeer sleigh,” I sing, off key, improvising the words in my excitement. Snuggled up beside my husband under soft furs as gentle white flakes flurry around, I feel as if all my Christmases have come at once. It’s not every year you win the lottery. It’s not every year you get to take your whole family to Lapland. It’s not every year you get to experience a proper, snowy Christmas with log cabins, sleighrides and visits to the proper Father Christmas. I was determined to enjoy every moment.

This moment is especially good as the daughter is residing happily with the grandparents, great grandparents and aunties and uncles. Daddy and I have hours and hours of sexy snow time to enjoy together. Oh yeah, there are advantages to bringing your whole family away on holiday, even the mother-in-law. Readymade baby sitters. “Yah, yah, yah!” Father Christmas-well he looks like Santa but in brown furs, not his usual red-cries and the reindeer begin to move, pulling the sleigh smoothly behind through the soft, silken snow. I snuggle closer to Jim and squeal excitedly.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.”

Jim smiles at me and gently kisses my lips. Warming me with his hot breath. I wrap my arms around him and kiss harder, enjoying the wind whipping past my cheeks. His hands wander across my well insulated curves and I feel the soft pressure against my breasts beneath the thick snow coat I wear to protect me from the extreme cold. Brits all think they understand cold. It’s not ’til you get to somewhere like Lapland that you realize how mild the weather in Britain actually is. I’ll be wandering around in t-shirt and shorts when I get home, well, maybe not.

“In this cold, you’re even hotter,” Jim whispers when our lips break. I squeeze his thigh under the fur blanket and he moans appreciatively.

“So are you, sweetie.” I repy and slide my hand up his thigh ’til I reach the fastening of his trousers. I slip off my glove and then gently slide down the zip of his pants. My hand squeezes through the aperture and I grasp at the bourgeoning cock beneath I can’t help myself. He drives me crazy with desire.

“Naughty, Naughty.”  His breath tickles in my ear and I feel the arousal curl up in the pit of my stomach. Jim  slips his fingers under the furs, seeking out the waistband of my trousers. His hands slip inside and into my moist, creamy slit as I bite down to hold in a gasping moan of pleasure.

“You’re naughtier,” I gasp. “I wonder whether Father Christmas there will leave us coal in our stockings on Christmas morning if he catches us at this.” We both look up and giggle. Yes, my husband does giggle; it’s kinda cute really. The sound means he’s genuinely tickled. Well, I do have my fingers on his balls.

“Nah, he’d want to join in.” Jim growls in my ear as I wank his cock firmly in my hand. “He’d stop the sleigh and he’d tell you off for being such a naughty little slut.” His fingers are dancing between my wet lips, caressing my clit and I’m biting on my lip to contain the cries and sighs I want to release.

Snow slaps against my cheeks and the jangling bells cover our conversation. We might be talking about the sleigh driver but I don’t want him to realise what’s actually going on.

“And he’d drag you from under these furs and throw you over the side of the sleigh and rip your trousers down.”

I can feel his hot cock throbbing in my hand as the cold air whips around my cheeks. My eyes are focused on the pure white canvass of the snowy scene, but my mind is firmly focused on the pleasure brewing between my thighs.

“He’d call you a naughty girl and slap your bum. He’d spank you ’til your arse cheeks glowed hot in this cold air. Then he’d split your juicy buttocks and bury his cock inside your cunt. I’d be in front of you, my cock in your mouth. You’d be taken from both ends, slut. And you’d enjoy being fucked by me and Father Christmas and you’d cream all over everywhere.”

I can feel my pussy throbbing and pulsing as the combination of his fingers, his words and the feel of his cock in my hand push me ever closer to orgasm. I want to give him something now, so I take over and begin to whisper dirty little nothings into his ear.

“And when we get back to The Christmas House, he’d get his wife to join in. She’s got long, curly red hair and big boobs and home bakery curves you’ll just love getting lost in.”

I feel his body stiffen as I describe the woman of his dreams, his cock stiffening and oozing in its eagerness to ejaculate.

“She’ll come over to you and help you to take your coat off. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when she eases her hands under your top and pulls it off you, then unfastens your belt and removes your trousers and boxers. Soon you’ll be completely naked and lying on the big fur rug in front of the hot, log fire. Father Christmas will sit on the sofa, tired from a hard day at work as Mrs. Christmas and I strip off. Slowly we’ll reveal our milky white, curvy bodies, stripping each other, our hands brushing over each other’s skin.”

Snow is peppering my cheeks and melting instantly as I’m flushed with sexual arousal, close to coming all over my husband’s talented hand. My mind caught up in my adult fairy tale. I know the image of me with another woman is something that turns Jim on.

“Then Mrs. Christmas and I would join you on the rug. We’d rub you from top to toe, up and down your back and over your buttocks and down your legs. Two pairs of soft hands caressing you, breasts whispering over your flesh as we lean over you. Then we’d flip you over. We’d massage your chest and legs, then take it in turns to massage that throbbing cock. I’d let Mrs. Christmas climb onto your dick. She’s salivating, yearning to feel it in her hot hole.”

His cock is undulating in my hand, his breathing shallow. I can feel him gently pressing up into my flesh. My cunt squeezes in time with my hand as I imagine him buried deep inside me.

“As she rides you,” I gasp and pant, leaning closer into his neck, feeling my breath reflecting back to me off his skin, “I lower my hot pussy on to your face. Now you’ve got hot pussy on your cock and on your face, all you can feel, see, smell and taste is pussy and the air is filled with the panting, moaning and yelling of two hot women coming all over you.”

I can feel my orgasm rising and I imagine his tongue lapping at me. He has a strong tongue that knows all my secret, sensitive spots and one of my favourite treats is riding his face, driving his nose and tongue deeper into my intimate folds. I can’t stop the feeling that’s overwhelming me as his fingers rhythmically rub my clit and my cunt spasms in orgasm. I bite my lip, holding in the scream, then exhale, quickly continuing the tale because I feel Jim writhe and shake beneath my hand.

“I’d come all over your face. Imagine these juices that are covering your fingers right now trickling over your face as the hot redhead is bouncing and screaming and coming, wrapped firmly round your cock.”

I feel him throb, swell and spurt warm sticky liquid over my fingers. He groans, and I smile wickedly.

“Merry Christmas, love.”

“Merry Christmas,” he pants as I re-zip him and settle myself down under the warm rugs, “you pervert.”

“You’re one to talk,” I exclaim.

“I know. We’re made for each other.” He kisses me, and I melt in his arms like a snowflake on lusty skin.

“You know, I’m never going to see Santa in the same way every again,” I add, chuckling.

“And White Christmas has a whole new kinkier meaning to me now,” Jim laughs.

The sexy sleigh ride comes to an end and we run through the snow to our log cabin, to start a new, sexy snow adventure together.

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