Blissemas Day 10 Naughty Festive Dress up and a Seasonal Spanking. @talksmut #blissemas16 #amazing0


It’s day 10 of Blissemas sponsored by AmazingO!  Make sure to visit and check out today’s Blissemas Elf Tabitha Rayne and be sure to enter the rafflecopter contest to win today’s spot prize from Toys 4 Naughty Boys and make sure you comment on Tabitha’s post to be in to win the Kindle Voyage stuffed with smut.

Now it’s Blissemas bonus time. Stories with a holidays theme have a reputation for being sweet and sentimental. Now I have a fair few of those but I also have seasonal stories which are anything but!  Read on for a scorching hot, naughty and nasty excerpt from a story entitled Master Santa, Mistress Elf.

A collection of sweet,sensual and hot stories from the queen of festivities, Victoria Blisse.

A sexy indulgence for you to enjoy this yuletide with all the sights, scents and tastes of Christmas without the calories and hard work. Snuggle up and relax into stories of sleigh rides, snowy interludes and Christmas couplings. A truly festive treat just for you.


The anthlogy contains 5 sexy, Christmas stories including this one which is the most explicit of the lot with spankings, fem dom and girl on girl action!

I throw down blows fast and hard, fascinated by the way my handprints are imprinting on her arse. I slow them as I start to hear her yelp and cry out. My soul is on fire with the pleasure of hurting the bitch that has so often humiliated me. Running my fingers over her sore ass, I dip down to her pussy and slide a finger in. She is soaking wet and moans appreciatively at the intrusion inside her.

“Oh, not yet slut, you’re spanking isn’t over yet, not by a long chalk.”

I rain more blows, much harder blows, down upon her delicate and now bright red buttocks. The wonderful garish contrast between the delicate white flesh where I have not been spanking and the livid red of the punished skin that I am constantly battering with my blows is one of the most sensual things I have ever seen. I stop as suddenly as I started and order Katherine to get down on her knees before me again. I bask in the warmth flooding through me from the hefty exercise of spanking her so well. I watch as she winces, her hot buttocks protesting at being rested upon her heels.

“Okay slut,” I hiss. “What do you say to Mistress?”

She looks blank.

“Come, now. Surely you know what to say after receiving a good, hard spanking?”

There’s a slight light in her eyes as she hesitantly stutters, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“That’s it, good slut. You’ll think twice before being so bratty in future, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she pants. I can see her chest heaving and I dwell for a moment on how different things at work will be from now on.

“Come here and tastes me.”

I need some relief now. The coil of desire has wound up inside me to its limit and I need to let it unfurl. My mind is completely consumed by sexual desire; no longer am I thinking of the future consequences, I am completely absorbed by what is happening now.

Eagerly Katherine crawls over to me on the bed. I spread my thighs wide so her shoulders can fit between them and her breath tickles over my soaked panties. I watch a wonderfully manicured hand lift my skirt up even higher then watch as it slides the flimsy barrier of my knickers to one side.

Katherine’s face is suddenly thrust deep into my crotch, her tongue licking and lapping like my pussy juice is some kind of addictive drug. The force of this voracious attack causes me to fall backwards onto the bed, opening and spreading my lips wider, allowing Katherine to reach deeper inside me and her tongue to tease my aching clit. I moan loudly as she slurps at my cunt. I squeeze my breasts through the satin of my top, feeling my nipples stiffen with pleasure as my mind slips deeper and deeper in the sheer sexiness of the moment.

“Fuck, Santa’s elves are being naughty aren’t they?”

Suddenly a familiar and deep masculine voice startles me from my sexual frenzy. Katherine leaves off her desperate gulping of my juices and looks round behind her.

“Aidan.” I exclaim, “I….”

“Shush woman,” he says, striding into the room.” This was one present I didn’t imagine receiving this year. Two gorgeous elves cavorting together in a girl-on-girl twosome. Carry on, carry on. Santa shall just sit himself down and enjoy the show.”

He moves to sit at the head of the bed; leaning back I can see the outline of his already hard cock in his pants.

“Well, you hear Master Santa, slut, we’re to carry on and give him a show…”


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