Blissemas Day 1 – The Real Meaning of Christmas is Love not Stuff!

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The real meaning of Christmas. How many times have you seen that phrase? How many times have you heard it? We all have our own opinions on it. I got to thinking about the subject when I first saw Currys Christmas advert this year. At the end, as she shows of a large plasma TV (or some such) she exclaims ‘It’s What Christmas is all about’.

No, no it isn’t.


And it’s not just Curry’s pushing this idea, There’s Ernest Jones with the idea that love beyond words can only be expressed in a piece of their Jewellery, Lidl want you to think you can get everything you need for the season in their store and well, the list goes on and on and on.  I get more and more angry the more of these adverts I see.

Most of us are feeling the pinch this year, some families are facing the decision between eating and heating, these commercials feed the idea that you need to buy lots of stuff at this time of year. Expensive presents, huge feasts and don’t forget the decorations!  No wonder people wind up getting into debt and others just hate the season.

Well I’m putting all the authority of my kinky dog collar behind this statement.


Christmas is about Love not stuff.


love lights on a christmas tree

You have the Christmas you want and no, it’s not just for Christians. It’s for everyone. Jesus was all about spreading and sharing love, where along the line did that turn into the selfish Christian privilege we see so much these days?  I don’t know. But whoever you are you find your fun in the festivities. You don’t need to focus on the Christ in Christmas, no need for a nativity or a single Christmas carol. Christmas is bigger than that. And hell, we all know the Christians latched on to the pagan celebration of Yule, so I don’t see how we can be so precious about it.

Christmas is for believers of all faiths and none. It is all about finding light and warmth in the midst of the cold darkness of winter. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the joy of the season and I truly believe Jesus would say the same. Everyone’s welcome to share the love.

And that brings me back to my main point, Christmas is about love.  You don’t need to buy lots of stuff, you don’t have to do Christmas in the way advertisers dictate it to you. No, rebel! Do it your way, within your budget and however you want.

  • Gifts don’t have to cost the earth, in fact the best gifts come from the heart and have nothing to do with how much they cost.  Hand make things, offer your time and/or expertise, make memories. Those will last longer than any gift set you could buy.
  • Eat the food you want to eat. Don’t buy a huge turkey no one enjoys. Have what you fancy. It’s your Christmas, celebrate it the way you want to. And It doesn’t need to be a feast. Remember the Cratchits in a Christmas carol, they didn’t have much but they made the most of it.
  • Decorate with heart and soul, put out those heirloom pieces, make paper chains, loo roll snowmen and crackers, paper snowflakes or do nothing at all. You don’t need flashing lights and huge real Christmas trees, they’re just trimmings at the end of the day.

Christmas is about love not stuff.  Celebrate it your way.



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