Blissemas Day 1 Inspiring Christmas. @talksmut #blissemas16 #eroticpoetry



It’s Blissemas sponsored by amazingO! Huzzah! I love this time of year, it’s full of treats, fun and delights. And this year you can win a Kindle Voyage fully loaded with lots of sexy, smutty books. So be sure to check out every day. This year we’re sponsored by the fabulous  so please go over and check them out.

With each passing year (this is the 6th!) it gets more difficult to decide what to write about for my Blissemas post. I’ve seriously been searching for an idea for the past couple of weeks and when it finally struck it seemed so simple. I’ve decided to write about inspiration.

Christmas is very much about tradition, I know there are many things I will do/say/sing and eat that I’ll have done ever Christmas since I was knee high to an elf. So it can sometimes feel a bit boring and repetitive…so where do you find Christmas inspiration?

I think variety is the spice of life and I always try to do something a bit different to celebrate the season. I might try a new recipe or visit a new place but almost every year I write something new, seasonal and sexy. That can be challenging but I always come up with something. This year I’ve written a new Christmas poem. I’ve got 3 in total and all of them are written below for your reading pleasure.


Adult Christmas Fun

Balls jingle beneath the tree

Hung with care.

Candy cane proud,

Red, hard and long.

It’s a sweet present

For a good, sweet woman.

Joyful carol rises as she lifts and falls,

Giving thanks for the present she plays.

Like the angel on the tree

She perches,

Looking down and blessing man

With her sweetness.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

She cries as “Ho, ho, ho!” Echoes through the skies.

Christmas is fun for adults as well.

My Christmas Treat

Just a touch of cinnamon,

A grind of nutmeg, too.

A pinch of tangy ginger

Thinking always of you.

Spices sprinkled softly

Into the cake.

Mix it, stir it,

Make no mistake.

Bake it in the oven,

Then cover it with ice,

Tie it with a ribbon.

Oh, it looks so nice.

Now cover you with cinnamon,

The ginger, nutmeg too.

Decorate you nicely

I’m going to fuck you.

Spices swirled in patterns

Covering your chest.

Wrists tied with pretty ribbons,

The way I like you best.

Now it’s time for decoration.

I’ll climb on top you see,

Up and down, riding hard,

Making you come for me.

I’ve baked your cake,

Your Christmas sweet,

Now I eat you,

My Christmas treat.

My Christmas.

My Christmas star

Spread-eagled and tied.

Arms up, legs spread.

My Christmas Angel

Singing a joyful hymn

Of thanksgiving.

My Christmas jumper

Wrapped around me

Warm and tight.

My Christmas tree

Bound with fairy lights

Lit up with festive cheer.

My Christmas gift

Each day I unwrap her

And I’m awed by the miracle

Of unconditional love.

I wish you an inspirational Christmas and Blissemas and don’t forget to check out the Blissemas page  to have a go at winning today’s Spot Prize from Smut.UK and comment below to enter the contest to win a Kindle Voyage. What new Christmas/holidays/winter traditions have you recently introduced?