Blisse Kiss Spring Fling – Artistic Sights.

Spring is now officially sprung. It doesn’t matter if you’re up to your ears in snow, swimming in your flooded back yard or wearing a bikini because the sun is high and hot. The Blisse Kiss Spring Fling is here and it’s time to celebrate the world springing into life with some sexy snogging action.

So there was really only one story I could pick a kiss from for today and that’s Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights.


He paid her to paint his portrait but he really wanted to steal her heart.

Hermione is an independent, single mother who has caught the eye of Philip Haughtington, society high-flyer and well known heart breaker.

He wants to seduce her and she is determined to resist but how long will she be able to hold out against his looks, charm and firm, commanding hand?


Hermione was still livid. She still felt used, but somehow the anger seemed to be separated from her as if she wasn’t personally involved with it. Maybe it was because she was caught up in his passionate plea; all she wanted to do was kiss away the pain upon his face and discover the depths of the lust he professed. However, her stubborn nature made her zip up her bags and stride across the glade back the way she came.

“Hermione!” Philip shouted her name, once and again. He reached her within moments and whipped her round to face him. Her eyes were wide with shock as he desperately lunged forward and pressed his lips to hers. The force made her step away. The back of her ankles hit something hard. Then she felt the rub of rough bark on her shoulders.

Hermione’s lips surrendered to him surprisingly quickly. Her grip loosened and she dropped her bags. Her hands hung in the air for a moment, indecisive, then lifted to Philip’s arms and gripped him hard. She fought with herself for control but her lust won through. All common sense left her the moment his lips touched hers. She pushed against him and made him stumble back a step. He could not balance and fell back into the long grass, pulling Hermione down on top of him.

Their lips did not part, not even for a moment. The kiss continued. Hermione’s tongue slipped between Philip’s lips and took command of his mouth. Her legs were between his, with his erection pressing just under the curve of her soft stomach. Philip’s hands wrapped around her and stroked along her back, then along the under-curve of her breasts.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she whispered, trying to convince herself as much as anything. “We’re not compatible.”

“Why not?” Philip stroked her arm. “You’re a woman and I’m a man and we’re both clearly attracted to one another. I think that makes us perfectly compatible.”

“You know what I mean.” She pressed a hand to his chest, ready to push up and off him. “You’re out of my league.”

“No, I think you’ll find that’s the other way ‘round, but I’m trying hard not to let your great beauty faze me. Come on, Hermione, you know you’re just creating excuses.”

She was finding it hard to concentrate pressed up against him, his obvious arousal distracting her. “I’m not the kind of girl—woman, even—who does this. I have a daughter, a life and I’ve got to make it all work all by myself. I can’t jeopardise that, I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with a broken heart.”

“Who says I’m going to break your heart?” Philip ran a gentle hand along Hermione’s back. The tension between them was close to a breaking point. “Look, I think you’re gorgeous and I want you. You can feel how much I want you.” He looked her straight in the eye and her cheeks flushed in response to him. “I am not going to hurt you. I don’t want to do that. I’m going to put you in control. If we do this now, you can decide if it just becomes a one-off, a pleasurable interlude between two adults one afternoon. Whether it leads to more is in your hands, Hermione. I promise I will respect your wishes whatever you decide.”

She looked into his eyes and in their depths all she could see was honesty. Honesty and lust. She had longed for control, and now she had it. She could walk away from this with her head held high. She knew it would be nothing more than a passionate fuck. They were too different to make a more permanent relationship last but she wanted him so much. It had been so long since she’d been with a man. “Whatever happens you’ll sit for the rest of the painting and pay me, no quibbles, no arguments, not pleading or begging or trying to get more from me than I want to give?”

“Exactly. I’m in your hands. Whatever you decide, I’ll respect it.”

She didn’t answer with words but as she looked down into his eyes she felt her mind being made up. He genuinely meant what he said. She could get the sexual satisfaction her body craved without jeopardizing the job and the much needed money she would raise from it. Then he’d leave her alone to work. It seemed the perfect solution.

She dipped her head forward again until their lips touched once more. The answer was in her kiss, and Philip eagerly responded. He rested his hands on her hips and she could feel him holding back, with the tension in his body obvious. He wanted her to make the first move. She was happy to do that.

She needed to feel him on her bare skin so she pushed herself up. Her thighs parted around his pelvis and her knees bent until she knelt over him, around him. She looked him in the eye as she lifted her top to expose her rounded tummy. His gaze followed the material of her blouse as she eased it up her arms and over her head, throwing it to her side.

He moaned when she snapped off her bra and threw it to the ground. She smiled as she felt his cock stir once more and reached forward to unzip his gillet. Once it was open she rolled up his soft top until she could see his nipples and whilst holding the top up, she leant down and took one between her lips, sucked and nipped and enjoyed.

Nothing mattered but the urgency of their lust. Hermione was sick of thinking, of shielding herself from the world and her desires. She was going to sate her throbbing need and she was determined to revel in every moment of the passionate encounter.

She stretched her torso and hung her heavy breasts over his face and was rewarded by feeling his lips and teeth grasp at whatever flesh they could reach. She felt sexy. Her mind was consumed with her needs. All false pride was forgotten. As Hermione crawled up his body he feasted on the flesh that was visible.

“Show me you mean it,” she whispered just as her thighs enveloped his face and her long skirt settled around his head. His tongue travelled up and down the length of the material covering her. He used his nose to nudge the fabric to the side and when he moved, she squeezed her thighs rhythmically as he licked and sucked.

Hermione’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back, enjoying the feel of sunshine and wind on her skin. Philip’s lips, tongue and nose were doing a great job of teasing and taunting and suggesting satisfaction, but she needed something more to really fulfil her need.

She lifted off Philip’s face and rolled onto her back in the cool grass. “I need you.”

And now the give away! If you’d like a copy of Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights then leave me a comment telling me your favourite thing about Spring and you’ll be put in the draw for a copy. And Because it’s a Blisse Kiss and I’m feeling extra generous I’ll give away a copy of Getting Physical too! So there will be two lucky winners and I will contact them on the 10th May.

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