Valentine’s Blisse Kiss Chase with Secret Surprise!

Blisse Kiss Chase 10-14th Fabruary.

It’s almost Valentine’s day and this year The Blisses are celebrating with not just one kiss but loads of them in the Blisse Kiss Chase. Check out the Blisse Kiss website to check what you need to do to be in to win. We’ve got a Bundle of print books AND a collection of Ebooks to win. We’re totally spoiling you!

Now, onto my kiss. I’ve taken one from my Valentine’s Story Secret Surprise which is currently half price at Total E-Bound.

Secret surprise

It is Valentine’s Day and Jane is taking a ride on the lust bus, join her for the ride of her life.

It’s a cold, wet morning in February but the new bus driver is hot and makes virgin Jane act in a very brazen way. When the same driver surprises her on Valentine’s Day by arriving without his bus and inviting her to spend the day with him, she finds it impossible to refuse.

It turns out to be the most shocking, surprising and arousing Valentine’s Day of her life. But will the seemingly perfect, as well as pretty, Charlie manage to steal Tim right from out of Jane’s embrace or is it more than simple lust that our lovers share?

Smooch the Bear

The wine started to work on me. My cheeks were flushed and hot, and my head was beginning to feel a little fuzzy. I reached over the side of the bed and put down the glass. It only had a little bit left in the bottom. I decided to leave it. I didn’t want to get drunk right now. I wanted to savour the moment. As I sat back up I felt a little dizzy and so leaned over and rested my head on his shoulder. He turned and pressed a gentle kiss to the top of my head. I rested there for a while, comfortable and warm. I watched the film but couldn’t keep my mind on its simple plot. I was simply aware of his body so close to mine. I saw his chest lifting and falling and felt his warmth and hard body through the T-shirt material covering his arm.

“Hmm, let me just move a little. My shoulder’s falling asleep,” he said.

I don’t know if he meant it or if it was just an excuse to slide his arm around me. I found myself leaning against the top of his chest, just in the sensual curve of his neck. He smelled so good, musky and spicy and wonderfully masculine.

“Are you alright?” he asked, and I nodded my head gently, enjoying the stimulation of skin against his skin. “I’m very comfortable, thank you, are you?”

“Oh yes,” he replied and stroked his hand down my arm then squeezed me. “I am very comfortable indeed, sweetheart.” I was happy where I was, embraced and relaxed but underneath the peace and comfort ran a live wire of arousal that meant I wasn’t truly relaxed. I wanted to reach my hand over, to rest it on his crotch, to open the zip and touch his naked cock. I wanted to kiss his neck, to nibble the flesh and maybe even leave my mark. I wanted him to reach over and caress my breast or for his other hand to slide down from my shoulders to my waist and lower to squeeze and later spank my arse. I furiously boiled away inside and I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid to make the first move. I was petrified of upsetting or hurting him.

“Jane?” His voice startled me from my thoughts and I lifted up my head.


His lips fell on mine and he kissed me. I can’t say that we kissed. I was too shocked to join in. He kissed me. He pressed his lips hard against mine, and I took the heavenly pressure and tried to gather my thoughts. His hands wrapped around me, one rested on the back of my neck and the other cupped my waist. I pressed my hand out, almost in panic but instead of pushing him away, I ran my hand slowly across his chest.

The hand at my waist crept higher and it carried the light, scratchy material of my too-tight work shirt up my body with it. His fingers whispered over my flesh and I moaned with delight, unable to hold it in. His kiss deepened, his tongue slipped out into my mouth and tentatively, I wiggled mine in response, rubbing it against his.

I wanted to feel his skin, so I slipped my hand down to the edge of his T-shirt and slipped my hand beneath it. It was his turn to moan as my fingers crawled up over his stomach and chest. He felt good, hard but soft enough to give a little under my fingers. A few hairs tickled my fingers round his chest and his nipples felt hard and gritty as I experimentally swept my fingers across them.

“You minx,” he gasped. “My turn now.”

Now you’ve enjoyed my Secret surprise kiss, check out for lots more! Make sure you visit each one, find the smooch bear and solve the clues, take note of the numbers too, you’ll need them later. When you’ve found all the Smooch bears check out and follow the instructions to enter the draw!