Blisse Kiss After Dark – Vampire Kisses!


Sunday Snog time again and today it’s an extra special one! It’s coming up to Halloween so to celebrate we’re indulging in a seriously sexy Blisse Kiss after Dark!


I thought I’d share a hot piece of flash fiction with you which I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s after dark and it’s seriously sexy!

Dear Journal, I have something very interesting to write to you about, last night I couldn’t sleep so I took you, a candle and a pen out into the garden. I got caught up in the colours of the dark so didn’t write a word.

I felt safe. I was in my own garden with the huge bushes that surround it and I had my mobile phone in my pocket just in case. I was not at all prepared therefore for the visit of a man. He didn’t arrive subtly cloaked in shadows he strode purposefully into the light directly in front of me. I scrabbled to my feet, the flight or fight instinct had already kicked in.

“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my garden?” I asked in a commanding voice. Least that’s what it sounded like in my head. In the air it sounded more like the squeaking hinges of a rusty gate. “I am me,” he said, quite matter of factly, “I was passing and I saw you.”

“Well, carry on passing, this is private property.” He took a step towards me. I pulled my phone from my pocket and waved it in front of him. “I’ll ring the police!” I threatened but before I could get the device to my ear he’d snatched it and threw it to the ground. Journal, I did internally berate myself for being so stupid at that point. I also thought I was about to die.

“You smell so sweet.” His voice was husky and vibrant and although I was feared half to death I couldn’t help but feel the frisson of excitement rise up my spine in response to his words and his encroachment on my personal space. I couldn’t step back, a tree was there, I couldn’t dart around him because, well you know I’m not made to dart. I’m made for comfort, not speed.

“You are not allowed here,” I did at least attempt to keep my nerve to the end, journal, I did try to be brave. He took no notice of me and continued to walk closer until his chest touched mine.

“And you feel so soft,” his tone was like melted chocolate, tempting, alluring and oh so bad for me. I felt as if I were under a spell, as if he hypnotised me. My limbs were heavy, my heart pounded but I could not move no matter how much I thought about escape. I know you want to know what he looked like, so do I in fact. I know he was tall and willowy and that he was muscled in that subtle way that screams of real work, not gym-puffed exercise. But I didn’t see his face. He was surrounded by shadow, as if he carried them with him as a shield.

His lips felt plump and juicy, though they were cold and it took some kissing for them to even warm slightly. Yes, dear journal, he kissed me and I let him kiss me. I don’t know why, I cannot explain why in any way that makes sense. I just had to let him kiss me. His hand held the top of my arm, he pushed his lithe, magnificent body against me and as soon as his lips touched mine my mind went blank.

My heart beat hard and fast but it was fuelled by lust as his hands travelled over me and I pushed myself into his embrace. His fingers squeezed my plump breasts through the thin barrier of my t-shirt and plain everyday kind of bra. His trail slid down my side, over my hip and into the waistband of my trousers. Yes, I should have stopped him, the dangerous stranger who was assaulting me but I did not want to. I enjoyed it. My blood burned with a need so visceral I moaned when he found my sticky wet slit and gasped with joy when he rubbed my clit, turning my backbone to liquid. It was just his hardness that held me upright. His lips hadn’t once left mine. I was dizzy with lust, desperate for more kisses, desperate for more of him. I couldn’t make my hands move, they seemed stuck around his waist.

He finger-fucked me slowly, as he kissed me passionately. He was quiet, I don’t even remember the sound of a ragged breath drawn from his lips. I just remember the presence of his arm against the tree beside my head and the pleasure-dance of his other hand pressed against my slit, his finger driving me to the very edge of ecstasy. I remember that his lips slipped from mine and kissed down to my neck.

My noises were animalistic as he sucked and licked in the sensitive dip of my neck and as I came he bit down. I don’t know how I could possibly explain the depth of joy and delight that surged through my body as I came, his fingers in me, on, me, stroking me and his teeth clenched in my flesh. It was a violent release that flushed away every last particle of tiredness, doubt and fear and those negative emotions were replaced with a feeling of completeness, of security and of pure satisfaction.

It tickled when he licked where he’d bitten, I giggled and he smiled. I could just see the line of it in the momentary illumination from the moon. His dark eyes glittered and I fell in love then with the man I did not know. He pressed his lips gently to mine.

“Thank you,” he whispered and pressed a little piece of paper into my hand. He left and I clung to the tree afraid to stand on my own.

The paper was a business card. On one side it said THE POINT in stark capitals and on the back it gave an address. I knew I would have to go there. I knew I wanted more of him.

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