This is the Victoria Blisse you all know and love. I occasionally slick on a lil’ lipstick and mascara but most of the time I’m just nude…in make up terms, you pervs!  So when I found out I’d won a Burlesque Photo experience with Andrew Wood Photography I was thoroughly excited about getting all glammed up.


The day completely lived up to my expectations, read all about it in my Smut Sunday post today and I ended up looking very glamorous indeed! So of course, I had to snippity snap a lil’ selfie or 2 while I was wearing false eyelashes (wow, that’s an experience) and bright red lippy. First, in the oppulent changing room.


And later in the huge, amazing mirror in one of the studios. This is the photo I’ve chosen for my Sinful Sunday offering today, it might not be the clearest or even the most seductive but it reminds me of all the fun I had being the star of the show!


Many thanks to the amazing Fern for my hair and make up and the legend that is Laura, the photographer with the mostest. I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

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Sinful Sunday