Blisse Blokes – Joe from Rendezvous

blisseboysWelcome to another introduction to the blokes of Blisse. Today I’m imtroducing Joe from the Rendezvous trilogy. I love Joe and I know you will too. He’s American, has a wickedly delicious southern accent and he’s tall, dark and powerful. He’s got a workaholic streak that can be his downfall at times but he is as sexy a man as you’d ever like to imagine. He loves Leanna with all his heart and does all he can to make her feel comfortable with her curves. He loves her body and the excerpt I’m going to share with you will show you just how much he loves it!

First though, the blurb for the book I’m taking the excerpt from.


Joe likes to tease and single mum Leanna loves it too. When they meet up for their first official date, the sparks fly but who’s going to crack first? Will Joe’s intimate questions and kiss and run tactics bring Leanna to her knees or will Leanna’s curves, flashed in moments of exhibition drive Joe to rip off all her clothes and indulge his urges?

How will she react to Joe’s domination and will she be turned on by his spankings? She’s going to be a naughty girl, so she’s bound to find out.

And now a hot, hot, hot excerpt so you can see more of Joe.

‘Sorry, I was getting cold.’ It’s a feeble excuse and he looks down his nose at me. He drops his shirt and undoes his belt buckle.

‘It’s OK, darlin’. I’ll soon warm you up.’ He tosses away his top, then his trousers and boxers drop into a pile on my floor and I admire his long, firm legs as he strides to the bed. He slips under the duvet and wraps his arms around me, holding me tightly to his chest.

‘That’s better.’ I sigh, the contentment of such a hug overwhelming me. I enjoy the sensation of my breasts being crushed against his warm, hard chest and snuggle closer, throwing an arm over his waist too.

He gently strokes my back and my body instantly heats up. I lift my head and our lips press hard against each other. His kiss is like rum blazing across my lips, slipping down my throat and heating my whole body with its flames. Our bodies rub together and my nakedness becomes a plus, not an embarrassing minus.

He pushes me over onto my back. He is above me, smiling at me between passionate kisses. My hands pull him close, crushing his chest down on mine. I can feel his hardness nudging between my thighs and his hips undulating, tickling my crotch and making me long for more than a fleeting touch.

‘So damn hot,’ he groans, nipping at my ear and down my neck into my cleavage. As he nibbles on my breasts, my arms loosen and fall down to the bed beside me. My body flows like hot butter and I surrender to the melting heat of his kisses.

He must have been waiting for my arms to slacken. As soon as they hit the bed, he shifts his weight and grasps one, pulling it above my head. Swaying the other way, he captures that arm, pulling it above my head also.

‘Leave these hands here,’ he orders, looking down onme with the most delightfully lustful gaze. ‘Or will I have to tie them there?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, once more playing the game, the nervous excitement screwing up inside my stomach, the anticipation making me light-headed.

His lips return to my neck, my cleavage and lower down, onto my stomach. I’m so exposed as he rolls the duvet down behind him. With my arms stretched above my head, I am displaying every curve of my body to his sight.

‘Gorgeous,’ he growls as his nose nudges the curls at my crotch, then lower, trailing through the dew-covered down until he reaches the soft, ample folds of my eager pussy. He nudges my thighs wider with his shoulders, and I happily spread them for him. Having my arms above my head makes me feel as if I am surrendering to him, giving over everything I have for his pleasure.

I groan my frustration as his lips leave their promising trail and he sits back on his heels. I sense his eyes tracing over every inch of me. Feeling shame, I can’t help but drop my arms across my chest even though his caressing gaze is exciting me.

‘I warned you,’ he tuts as he slips off the bed and pulls the belt from his pants. All kinds of images flash before my mind’s eye as he strides across to me, his hard cock straining between his thighs. Relief floods me as he pulls my arms above my head and tightens his belt around them, just till the leather bites slightly into my skin, but not tight enough to cause me any real discomfort.

‘Now, naughty girl, if those hands get in the way of my viewing pleasure again, I will be forced to take stronger action, do you hear me?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, my heart thumping in my chest. ‘Good. I want to see you, to drink you in. I’ve imagined your body naked so many times and now I have the opportunity to see it, I don’t want to miss a single detail.’

His words soothe and arouse me. A little burn of embarrassment remains in me as he climbs between my thighs and views my body once again but mostly I feel lust. I long for more than just his gaze on my body, and as if he heard my unspoken plea, his hands reach down and stroke down the outside of my thighs, sweeping down to my knees. He raises my legs, with both hands at first, then as he moves to the side, he slides both knees over one arm and folds them back towards my chest.

I begin to panic as I picture my large arse on display, everything between my thighs displayed lewdly before him.

‘Joe!’ I yell, and he turns his head to look me straight in the eye. All protests melt away as I see the lust, the want and the burning desire imprinted in those eyes. There’s no disgust, no disappointment or any other negative emotion that I had feared.

‘Do you want me to stop?’ he asks. ‘No,’ I whisper.


‘No, sir,’ I reply, again giving him permission to continue the game.

‘This,’ he says as his other hand flows down and lands harshly on my exposed buttocks, ‘is for not addressing me correctly.’ Another smack follows and I squirm against his grip. But he is strong enough to hold me still and slaps his hand down hard again, making my bottom vibrate and my body hum with sexual need. ‘And those were for making me stop and for doubting your own beauty.’ He slaps again, harder still, once, twice and then three times making my whole arse flame with pleasurable pain. ‘And those were for being so damn sexy, having a gorgeous butt and for making me want you so badly.’

He moves again, his cock prodding at my open and very wet slit. With one sharp push and slippery slide, he is in me to the hilt. His balls are pressing against the pink flesh of my arse, his cock throbbing inside me.

‘Yes,’ I hiss, raising my hips up to pull him deeper inside of me. I feel so alive, more on fire than the burning flesh of my spanked bottom and I need him to fuck me, oh, how I need to feel him move.

Joe is hot, right? And you’re in luck because he’s in Naughty,  Seductive and Wild Rendezvous. You can get all three volumes in print at and too!

Let me know what you like about Joe and why you’d like to win a copy of Naughty Rendezvous and I’ll put you in a draw to win a copy. I’ll announce the winners on Saturday 28th January.


I’m not the only person to love Joe, The Rubenesque Rendezvous books have got rave reviews including this latest one from Lynn Reynolds for Wild Rendezvous.


This was a great way to end the trilogy.  Now that all three books are out, you will want to go back and read them one after the other.

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