Hi everyone! I’m going to do something a bit different this week, every day of this week that isn’t filled with a regular feature I will be introducing you to some of the Blokes of Blisse.

Today I’m introducing Jamie. He’s one of the stars in Reluctant Muse. He’s a supervisor at a Burger bar where Carrie works to get through university. He’s also a student but his father is insisting he attends a business course when all he really wants to do is draw. He is desperate to draw Carrie, to explore her and her submissive side. Jamie’s a really cool, confident cutie.

Here’s the blurb:

Carrie is a shy student who works in a fast food joint to make ends meet. Her boss is a bully and she meets Jamie when he stands up for her. She’s got terrible self esteem problems, but Jamie is an artist and wants to paint her naked. He’s also a dominant and he wants to play with her submissive side.

Can Carrie overcome her fears and the ghosts of her past to fully give in to Jamie?

And now an excerpt so you can see more of Jamie…alot more. This is a hot one!

“Carrie,” Jamie’s voice breaks into her reverie, “Will you go into the store. We need a new batch of burgers and some buns.”

This is an unusual request, as normally he’d do it himself or send one of the other servers, but Carrie puts down her spatula and heads for the stock cupboard. It’s not until she is in there that she realises she doesn’t know how many burgers and buns are needed. She turns around to go and ask when a big, familiar male hand slaps itself across her mouth.

“You didn’t say, ‘Yes, Sir’ did you, naughty girl.” His hand moves from her mouth.

“No, I didn’t because we’re at work.” Carrie replies defiantly, she tries to turn around but Jamie slams his body against her back.

“Oh no you don’t, miss,” he hisses. “You’ve got some punishment coming.””But Jamie, anyone could come in,” Carrie hisses as Jamie wraps his arms around her middle, finding the zip to her trousers.

She drops her hands down to cover his. “No, not here.” She panics, but Jamie easily pushes her hands out of the way.

“Okay, you asked for it.” He lets her go but stays pressed up against her so she cannot move. She feels him fiddling with his belt then hears it as he frees the strap from his trouser loops.

“What are you doing.” she gasps, her heart thudding with frightened arousal.

“I’m punishing you,” he replies, pushing her arms up above her head against the corner of the metal shelving unit in front of them. His belt is wrapped firmly around her wrists and the unit and he threads it through the buckle, pulling the belt tight before tying it around itself, holding Carrie captive.

“Oh Jamie, don’t, please. Someone might walk in.”
“Who.” he hisses, pulling down her trousers and knickers in one sweeping motion. ” It’s pretty busy out there. Graham is busy doing his job and yours, and the two girls will be busy serving. Now hush and take your punishment like a good girl.”He slaps her buttock and watches it wobble, his cock already straining in his trousers. He slaps the other and his eye falls to the jug filled with spare utensils sitting on the shelf in front of Carrie.

“Ooh, a wooden spoon.” He exclaims, pulling it from the jug and tapping it on her bottom. “Okay, miss, this is your punishment. Don’t scream or someone will come running.”He lifts the spoon and taps it on her arse, gently. She cringes then relaxes as she feels the gentle tap on her bum, just as she relaxes he pulls the spoon back and lets it go with much more force, making her yelp with surprise and blossoming pain.

“I thought I said be quiet.” He spanks her again and she bites her lip, the pain shooting through her body, up through her aching arms and down to her toes via her electrified and dripping cunt. “I think you want someone to come in and catch us. You want someone to see you tied up like this. Oh yeah, you want them to see you, don’t you, naughty girl.”Another slap of the spoon is followed rapidly by yet another.”Answer me,” he demands.

“Yes, Sir,” she groans. She would like it, someone watching her arse get redder and redder with each swing of the spoon.

“Oh fuck, Carrie. You’re so sexy.” The wooden spoon clatters to the tiled floor and Jamie’s cock eases its way between her pink and sensitive buttocks. It slips down over her arsehole, making her shiver with…what. Fear or excitement, maybe both.”Not today, not right now. I need to feel your wet cunt squeezing me.”He gasps as his cock slips and slides into her tight cunt.

“But I am going to fuck your arse, oh yes. I’m going to fuck all your holes and your tits, I’m going to fuck you in every way I can, Carrie. There won’t be a space on your body that hasn’t been covered with my come.” He powers into her pussy, the stainless steel rack shivering and clinking as it moves with the force of his fucking.

I told you it was a hot one. Jamie certainly knows what he wants and if you want more of Jamie you need to pick up a copy of Reluctant Muse.