Blast from the Past.

Hello all. I’ve spent a lot of time this bank holiday weekend watching films from my childhood and early teens. Things like Sister Act 2 and Neverending Story. It’s amazing how dated these things look but they do bring back some good memories. You can’t fail to be transported back to a time where life was simpler and in my case hair was bigger and patterns were very popular. Especially in bright neon colours!

So today,I’m going to present to you a few blasts from my past. Stories that were published a few years ago that maybe you’re not aware of because you’ve only recently discovered me or that might make you smile to remember back to when you read one of these stories from the early Era of Blisse!

First, Sexier Side of the Hill.

“Oh, well, the other symptom is a bit embarrassing, Doctor.” Paul shifted in his seat,

pulling off a fairly good impression of being nervous.

I rested a hand on each strong thigh, squeezed my fingers together and clenched my own thighs as lust coursed through my veins. I was giving them the signal. If they wanted to play they could but they still had the opportunity to decline my offer without causing a scene. I was so nervous and desperate for them to play the game with me.

“Don’t worry, you can tell me anything. I am a professional, after all.”

“Swelling.” Simon whispered.

Paul nodded and said “There is an incredibly uncomfortable swelling in my…erm…crotch area and I can see that Simon is having the same problem.”

My mind raced. This was it. This was exactly what I had wanted and I had to take it. I’ve always been a “do now” kind of girl, and I didn’t want to miss this glorious opportunity. The idea when it came was a simple one. I reached over Paul’s lap and picked up the paper I
had brought along for a little light reading.

“Okay,” I said, unfolding it and placing it in his hands. “If you’d both like to come
behind the privacy screen, I’ll examine you and try to ascertain exactly what your problem is.”
My heart pounded like a drum, my mouth dry with nerves and my pussy wet with need.

“Certainly.” Paul slid closer to me whilst Simon repeated the action with his paper to my other side.

I took a deep breath and bit down the nerves that made my stomach flutter. I was positive they both wanted me to do this but until I made the first move there was a degree of doubt. I slipped a hand behind each paper and down to the crotches of these two near strangers. I felt the swelling through their clothes and commented so as I attempted to undo two flies simultaneously.

Delicious anticipation built as I slowly eased down the zips and fished around to find openings in boxers. Their cocks were hot and eager as I encouraged them out of their warm confines with little trouble. Gently, I assessed the situation,thoroughly examining each member with my fingers. Both were hard but Simon’s was slimmer and longer while Paul’s cock was deliciously thick and stout. Both made my mouth water and my pussy pulsate.

“I’m pretty certain I know what the problem is, gentleman,” I whispered and looked from one strained face to the other before I continued. I basked in their undivided attention and stroked my fingers absent-mindedly up and down their dicks. “The good news is it’s a highly common problem. It’s not fatal, and I know exactly what to do to make you both feel much better. I need to relieve some of the pressure building up in the problem areas here.” I squeezed Paul. “And here.” I squeezed Simon.

“Please do whatever you have to, Doctor,” Paul replied, panting with desire, “I feel like I’m going to explode.”

Simon nodded his agreement.

“Certainly gentleman, please relax as much as you can, you’re in good hands now.”


Now Travel Delight

“Wow,” Janet giggled as soon as the door closed behind the porter. “This room is amazing.” She raced over to the impressive window and looked out over the manicured gardens to the sunset-tinted river beyond.

“It’s not half bad, is it?” Guy’s voice came from just behind her, making her jump a little. Her heart raced as he ran a hand down her arm, and she could feel his strong form pressing against her back. She could hear their every breath. It was as if the world had stopped around them, waiting for the next move.

Guy broke the spell by pressing his lips to her exposed neck and running both hands down her arms. She pushed out her bottom in response and felt his stiff excitement grow as it pressed easily through the flimsy material and between her cheeks.

His hands flowed like liquid over her. He stroked her arms then her stomach, which made her cringe self-consciously. He did not stop, his fingers cupped her breast brazenly and manipulated the soft flesh through the barriers of her dress and bra.

“There are people in the garden!” She squeaked in protest as he prised her breast out into the cool, conditioned air.


She felt him shrug, and he pulled out her other, too. If one of the people in the garden glanced towards their room they’d see her breasts out on brazen display. She tried to turn from the window.

“Stay still.” It was a command, and Janet followed it immediately, much to her own surprise. “Good, I want to put you on display. I want people to see how fucking gorgeous you are, and I want them to know you’re mine.”

Janet sensed that she should have been incensed by this misogynistic claim but her blood was fired with lust by the deft touch of his fingers, and she was incapable of thought. She wanted to speak out but as his hand dipped down and dragged up the hem of her skirt the rebuffing words stuck in her throat. His fingers never stopped, never gave her chance to catch her breath, and she mewled with delight as they pushed away the material of her knickers and sought out her wet slit.

She shut out the world with her eyelids and concentrated on his fingers.

“Oh yes, my wet slut. I want them to see you writhing on my fingers.”

He established a rhythm with his finger, slipping up and down Janet’s slit, teasing her clit with each stroke. She moaned and gasped as she surrendered to his dominant hands clutching her tit and her cunt. She was still concerned that someone might see, but she realised she was no longer worried by it but excited by the prospect.


And finally Restoration which isn’t as old but was my first eBook release with Xcite books, I do believe one of their very first eBooks released!

Priapus is his name and he has a huge cock. He should. He’s a god of erections and was worshipped across the empires for it. Not only is it huge, it is erect, sticking out obscenely from his Roman skirts. He’s completely covered in moss and dirt so I can only just make out the lines of his body. He was discovered in Turkey, hidden at the bottom of someone’s garden, of all places. Luckily, the owner recognised what he was, or he’d be on some municipal dump by now.

My fingers are shaking. It’s not often something of this rarity comes into my possession-well, technically it’s the museum’s possession, but lets not get too hung up on technicalities. Talking about hung, this life-size ancient Roman statue is hung, very well hung. Now it’s my job to bring him back to his full glory.

I know the temperature in this large, sterile cellar is regulated to keep my artefacts happy but I feel as if the sun is burning down on me, not optimised artificial light. I love my cellar, down in the bowels of the museum. I feel like I’m hidden away from the world, safe secure and able to concentrate.

Right now, I’m jittery. I’m so excited about starting work on this statue. Priapus, when he’s on his feet, stands a few inches taller than me, so he’s been laid on his back on my special padded bench so I can work on him. He’s made of stone-we suspect marble because he’s so very heavy- and I need to take back the years of dirt and organic invasion and buff him up to all his shining glory.
This is the first piece I get to work on alone since becoming a fully qualified Archaeological Conservator. The excitement and nerves are overwhelming. I’ve trained hard to get to this point I should be calmly and thoughtfully going through the procedure in my mind because this will be a very delicate and intense job. However, the need to uncover that massive member (it has to be close to a foot long) is burrowing down from my brain to my cunt and I just want to reveal it as soon as I can. I want to jump upon him now and rip off the dirt of centuries so I can see him in all his glory.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blast from the past, I have. Please feel free to ask me questions about these stories or give me some feedback on them. We authors love feedback!