I was waiting for my coach home with H. They were holding me, kissing me, telling me how much they love the scent of my cunt, you know, the usual things. We’d taken a selfie to show they were in poking distance and they had indeed poked at some of my bruised and aching bits.

I’d called for ‘no more’ earlier in the day but I was ready for more. I’d encouraged H to wrap their arm around my shoulders and push down on me at the tapas restaurant we’d eaten at. Simply with my cheek.  I was definitely ready for more pain by that point.

As is often the way with H, I’m not sure exactly how I ended up with their teeth buried in my tongue.  They poked their tongue out at me so I did the same in response.

I’m never sure how they’ll respond. Sometimes they poke their tongue out and I do the same and it’s like a little call and response. A conversation without a conversation. A way to playfully connect. Other times I do it and they pull the Dom voice on me and I end up cowering and apologising for my cheek.

I kinda like that they keep me on my toes like that.

This time they bit my tongue. It looked like a passionate kiss. It felt like that to an extent too as our mouths were pressed up so close but my tongue was clamped between their teeth.

When they pulled away, they had that wonderfully annoying sadistic smug smile on their face.

“So are you going to pull your tongue out at me again?” They questioned, playfully.

And I stuck out my tongue. Yeah. I really was in need of more pain.

This time they bit my tongue all the harder. I mean, I had just openly challenged them to do so, really. It hurt, it burnt, it felt strange and sexy all at once. We were passionately snogging, for all other people knew and my brain was definitely recognising the sensation of H’s lips on mine as a kiss. Their teeth etched a line of pain across my tongue.  And I liked it. It hurt, it really hurt but fuck me, it was hot.

This time when they released me, I looked down, flushed and humiliated. I showed them deference and submission as my tongue throbbed and ached.

A moment later they lifted my face to theirs and we kissed. Now, as we kissed, they pressed their tongue between my lips. When it retracted, I poked my tongue between theirs but what I wasn’t expecting was them to tighten their lips and suck. I also didn’t expect my tongue to be pulled completely between their lips into their mouth.

We both laughed at the ridiculousness of it but continued to kiss. They found out that a tight lipped suck was enough to pull my tongue into their mouth, so they did it over and over again having us both giggling through the kisses.

I’m sure it sounds daft, hell, it really was but oh my God, my heart ached with love at its sweet silliness. I can’t think of anything more indicative of our relationship. The pain, the humiliation, their sadism, my masochism, the laughs, the love, the ridiculous cuteness of it all.

And my tongue continued to hurt all the way home and it hurt for the next few days. A constant reminder of H’s vicious and loving kisses. Even up to a week later, I could feel the line on my tongue where they bit me simply by holding a fizzy drink in my mouth for a while.  And I would do it quite often and smile.

This is not a tongue in cheek post, I’m firmly sticking out my tongue at H, waiting for their response. I should bite my tongue really, shouldn’t I?

But oh, I’d much prefer them to do it for