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Does your relationship have more cracks than a witch’s cauldron? Want to put the magic back into the bedroom? It’s couples therapy weekend at hotel BJ, a vacation resort that’s so far South that you can’t help but hear the banjos dueling! And it’s Halloween weekend…

Will more than damaged relationships be brought back from the dead?Anything’s possible on this magic night! Let the authors of the Haunted Hotel anthology show you how it’s done!

Haunted Hotel MF

Excerpt from Letting Loose the Beast by Victoria Blisse

I love him dearly, I really do, but some days I wish he’d be a little less… well… Tim about things. I’d hoped being alone together like this would have inspired him to ravish me the moment we walked in, like he used to when we were first dating, when things were hot and heavy and I didn’t know his secret. We’d rush to get somewhere semi-quiet so we could fuck. I’m surprised we were never caught because we were never very picky. Park bench, back row of the cinema… and the frozen aisle of the supermarket on one particularly memorable occasion.

I’m not saying we don’t still, you know, do it, but it’s becoming a rare treat and I want more. It’s hard to just say that though, especially when we have the complicating factors we have. I wander over the huge bed and sit on the giving mattress. I work for a few minutes at taking things out of the suitcase and putting them into the drawers and when I’m finished, I shut the top drawer even though there’s one item of clothing left. I look over to my husband; he’s still tip-tap-tapping away at the keyboard. I’m determined to catch his attention and I know one sure-fire way to do it.

I stand up and kick off my shoes. They thud as they hit the wooden floor. Tim looks up and when his gaze is trained on me, I open the top button of my blouse. He looks back down at his laptop, but I keep unbuttoning. I’m rewarded a moment later when his attention switches back to me. I pop open the bottom button and let the top slide off, then I move down and push the black skirt I’m wearing off my wide hips and by the time it’s slithered to the floor my husband is by my side.

“I just thought I’d slip into something more comfortable since it’s just you and me.”

“Oh, I approve.” He nods and leans in for a kiss. His lips are plump and giving and the kiss may be familiar but it ignites my soul in the same way it always has. He wraps me in his strong embrace and I melt into him. He unfastens my bra and I slide my hands up and under his top. Our lips part for a moment as he helps my remove his T-shirt and then the kissing continues as if our lips are drawn like magnets and won’t be kept apart. I run my fingers up into the mat of hair on his chest., I pluck at his nipples and enjoy the rumble of his moan vibrating through my lips and fingertips. I follow the trail of hair down to his stomach, tickle at his belly button, making him giggle and spank my butt playfully and then my hand travels lower and I push his trousers down until the elastic at the waist stretches and falls away. Now we’re on equal footing, just a thin barrier of underwear between us.

Tim steps forward and I step back; he does it again and I bump into the side of the bed. He pulls apart from my kiss, smiles wickedly then shoves me back. I yelp then giggle as I bounce on the soft mattress and scrabble back to make room for him. As I do so he reaches down and grabs at the edge of my knickers so that, with my momentum and his tugging, I end up knickerless. I watch, panting, propped up on my elbows as he removes his own underwear. He’s hard and I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me. It stretches me so perfectly and when we fuck I feel like I’m complete in a way that doesn’t happen when I’m on my own.

“You’re so beautiful, Kate, I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Well, come up onto the bed and have me,” I purr. “I want you, Tim.”

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Haunted hotell MM

Excerpt from Lady Caliente By M C Houle.

Creepy Brucy didn’t say anything, didn’t even smile before leaving us. Lane pushed me into our quarter.

I didn’t know about the clients’ cabins, but the staff’s quarters were nice and neat. It looked like a traditional apartment. There was a small kitchen with a mini-fridge and a table for four. There was a coffee-maker and a microwave, but nothing more elaborate so I supposed the big meal happened in a common area. We had a living room. It was comfy looking, with a furry carpet and a matching couch. There were two TVs, one in the living room and one in our bedroom.

The bedroom was simple. White walls, a bed, and a walk-in closet, a couple of pieces of furniture. A big window took up the entire east wall which I found worrisome, even with the dark curtains.

“The window is sunshine-proof, right?”

“Did you listen to anything Brussels said?”

I shrugged.

So I didn’t listen. Sue me!

“Yes, the windows are all secure, and you can’t drink of anyone who doesn’t know everything that it entails.”

I rolled my eyes. People had so many misconceptions about vampires in general. Some of us had occasionally gone on killing sprees in the past. That didn’t mean that we were all soulless killers. Apart from being immortal, blood-drinking, garlic-allergic, nocturnal, undead beings, we were pretty much like any human. I’d had the same misconceptions once upon a time, but Vampire King Mikkel almost took my head off when I expressed them after my transformation.

“Speaking of which,” I said, “I’m kind of hungry.”

Lane grinned. Walking toward me, the expression of a hunter on his face, he placed his hands on my waist.

He raised a subjective eyebrow. “You hungry for me or for food?”

I closed my eyes, breathing his musky scent. I was a newborn vampire and sometimes it was hard to discern blood hunger from food hunger. I needed both to survive, and the two needs got confused in my brain.

I tried to get in touch with my inner instinct, just like King Mikkel told me, and when all I could hear was Lane’s blood running through his veins and I started to salivate, I knew what I was hungry for.

When I opened my eyes, I knew they were glowing dark red, and my teeth were on display.

“You. I want you.”


Lane pushed me against the nearest wall and kissed me. I was getting pretty good at kissing with my teeth on, and I hadn’t hurt him in a long time. His tongue probed inside, and for a moment, I let him take control of the kiss. I could feel his erection against mine, and I grunted.

I grabbed his shirt and tore it apart as I spun us around. Some buttons flew, but I didn’t really care because my hands were too busy with Lane’s chest. My transformation hardened my nails, and as they brushed against his skin, they let red marks all over him. I leaned to take his nipple between my lips. I sucked on it and it hardened. I let my tongue whirl around it, knowing by the way Lane wiggled under me that he was close to begging.

I opened his pants the same way I did his shirt and slid a hand inside his boxer briefs to grab his cock. Lane was already hard; hot and heavy in my hand. I stroked him enthusiastically while humping against him. I wasn’t going to last long, and neither was he.

Suddenly, I felt Lane tensing in my arms. I plunged my teeth in his neck as my hands milked him in a powerful bite-induced orgasm.

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