Big and Beautiful Excerpt!

Hello all and I hope we’re all looking forward to the long holiday weekend, well those of us in the UK and those in America. Are there any other countries that have long holiday weekends now?

I’m excited. in just over SEVEN Days I’ll be off on my holiday to Scarborough. I will bring you back a stick of rock, promise!

Anyway, on to the point of this blog. I’m going to share an excerpt with you from my latest release Big and Beautiful. This is an e-Xcite anthology and is filled with HOT (I know, I’ve read’em) sexy stories about ladies who have ample curves and know how to use them. My story, Naked rain, was written around this time last year. We experienced a rare heatwave in lat May/early June and it was hot, hot, hot for days and days and days and I could not stand it. I don’t do well with heat.

Well one day the weather finally broke and the rain came. I think it was the first time I screamed for joy at the sight of rain! I immediately ran outside to let the cooling drops fall on my skin and as I stood there in my little yard, Arms outstretched I seriously thought about stripping off and enjoying the cooling effect all over me. If I wasn’t over-looked by 4 different houses I might have tried it!

So, Naked Rain was born. Here’s the blurb:

It’s a rare, hot British summer and when the rain comes curvy Sandra runs out into the garden and gives in to temptation. As she enjoys the caress of the cold raindrops on her hot skin she realises her sexy, younger neighbour is enjoying the same thing and is as naked as herself. Will either of them run and hide or will they come together to enjoy the Naked Rain?

It really is a hot little story and I was thrilled when Miranda accepted it for inclusion in this anthology. I love that Xcite are so eager to promote the sexy, Curvy Rubenesque ladies as we have been ignored for far too long in my opinion.

BUY NOW – $4.49

Now here’s a HOT excerpt from Naked Rain:

“Bugger it.” She exclaimed and pulled the dress up and over her head and threw it over towards the back door. She’d pick it up when she went in. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the trickling of cold water over her body. Drips and drops rolled down her back and over her buttocks, between her breasts and over her rounded stomach. She felt wanton and sexual but most of all she felt cool.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” A low, sexy male voice seemed to boom from the side of her. She jumped and opened her eyes at the same time she wrapper her arms around her to cover her breasts. “Oh, please don’t cover up. You looked beautiful there, enjoying the rain.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her cheeks painfully hot and flushing red, “I didn’t realise you were home, I better go in, I’m terribly sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” he said and pushed a hand forcefully out in front of him, like a stop sign, “and please don’t go in. Just stay there. Just right where you are.”

She obeyed him, she didn’t know why. Her brain wasn’t working properly. She watched him track down the wall and bushes that separated their houses until he came to a gap. He climbed over the dividing wall and strode over to her. He was naked too and he looked even better than she imagined. His chest was long and lithe but not scrawny and she noted other parts of him were long and lithe too and seemed to be a little hardened. She bit her lip and tried hard not to stare.
“You see, I’m doing the same thing,” he said as he walked closer, “it’s been too damn hot and I just couldn’t resist.” The rain chose the moment to intensify, the drops came down harder still and the rain roared as it fell to the ground, some of it via the body parts of Sandra and Richard.

He groaned and leant back his head. “Oh, fuck, it feels so good.” Sandra watched as the cold drops dripped down him, off his chin onto his hard torso and lower to his now significantly hard cock. He was aroused, definitely aroused but Sandra put it down to the cold caress of the rain that was tickling her too making her skin fizzle and pop with every impact, her whole body being teased by spots of cold liquid.

To read more pick up your copy of Big and Beautiful from e-Xcite for just $4.49 and download 5 hot stories including mine to sit back and enjoy on your computer, laptop or eBook reader!

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