Big and Beautiful Competition Winner!

And the winner of 3 signed print anthologies and an e-copy of Big and Beautiful is

Rachel Sparks! Congratulations I will email soon.

Comiserations to all who took part and didn’t win, keep an eye out for another BIG Blisse competition in the next couple of weeks.


Now, as a consolation here is an excerpt from my story Naked Rain that features in the fantastically sexy anthology, Big and Beautiful.

. Before she could protest he pulled her to him and their lips collided as his arm wrapped around her and pulled her tightly to him.

His lips pressed against hers, they vibrated with his moan of pleasure and Sandra’s mind stopped working and her instincts kicked in. She kissed back with fevered passion. She enjoyed the undulation of his soft, delicate lips against hers and revelled in the feeling. This was just what she’d imagined, just what she’d fantasised about and the heavy droplets of water covering her back just added to the arousal coursing through her veins.

“You’re so beautiful,” he gasped, as he broke from her lips for a moment. His hands moved from their position on her waist and slipped up to her breasts. She started to pull away, she felt embarrassed. “No, don’t move,” he sighed, “I want to touch you.”

“But, I’m too old for you.” Sandra replied wrapping her fingers around his wrists, meaning to pull him away.
“Stop saying that, age doesn’t matter. Do you know how many times I have fantasised about seeing your beautiful tits? Whenever I see you I get all tongue tied because I become instantly hard and I can’t think for the arousal coursing through my veins.”

“Really?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and her grip loosened as his hands moved higher to cup her breasts. They both moaned as his thumbs grazed her excited nipples.

“Really, really. I seriously want to fuck you, Sandra. I have done since you moved in.”

His fingers tickled and teased her skin as the rain continued to ping onto her body, the intense cold making her shiver. She wanted to say more, she wanted to deny him, she was outside, in the pouring rain naked and vulnerable and people could see. But as he bent and fell to his knees so that he could caress her and suck on her nipples at the same time she simply whimpered and threw her head back. She knew it was wrong, that she shouldn’t let him do this to her but she didn’t care. She wanted him, she wanted this and she didn’t want it to stop at all.

To read more about Sandra, her sexy, younger neighbour and the joy of rain after days of heat pick up your copy of Big and Beautiful from Xcite today for just £2.99 and you’ll get 4 other hot stories from other excellent erotic authors too!

If you pick up this month’s copy of Writers’ Forum from your newsagent then in it you will find a fantastic interview with Miranda Forbes from Xcite books and included in that interview are some comments from me and some writing tips too. If you follow this link you can find details of how to pick up your copy and you can also download a PDF of the contents page and you’ll see my photo at the top of the page with a red 12 next to it!

It’s all very Xciting stuff, isn’t it?

(Sorry, I can never resist a pun!)

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