I don’t often have sex dreams, I guess I spend so much of my waking hours doing and thinking sexy things that at night my brain takes a break. Sometimes though I do have sex dreams and when I do, they’re usually pretty damn memorable.

So every morning I greet my husband with a hug (he is usually awake before me these days) and one morning I told him I had a sexy dream.

“I was snuggled with you on the sofa in this nice house and I just said I wanted you to eat my pussy.” I whispered in his ear as he stroked my body. “then as dreams do it melted away and we were near a pool and you and some mystery man took it in turns to fuck my arse. it was pretty hot.”

And at this point he slid his fingers between my thighs.

“Oh, you are wet.” He purred “Such a slut.”

He knows what I like to hear and as he fingered me, long and hard, I bit into his neck. He loves that. I love giving him hickies. Sucking and biting in rhythm until he pulls me off and kisses me violently.

He fingered me as we kissed and groaned and melted into one another. I came in a sudden, hard explosion and shuddered and shook, gasping out my ecstasy.

I pulled away. I was far to sensitive for anything more. His turn.

We grabbed his masturbator, a satisfyer and I took control as he lay back and got comfy. I talked dirty, it’s kinda my specialty and after half our lives together I definitely know what to say to get him going.

I pulled in an imaginary other woman. We had him tied down and we played and played in front of him until finally taking pity we let him join in our games. My words and the vibrations of his toy yanked a long and hard orgasm from him. He roared and whimpered.

“That was hotter than the dream sex.” I whispered. he chuckled and agreed.