I’m Bringing up the rear as usual but I did want to share a little bit from Friday’s Reading slam at Sh! Womenstore because it was just so much fun.

I think it speaks volumes that the only photo I got from the event was this one:


A naughty audience member getting a spanking from Kay Jaybee, Time Keeper and bottom warmer extraordinaire being supervised by the lovely Renee. Beleive you me, watching Kay flex her paddle hand was enough to stop even the naughtiest reader from overshooting their 5 minutes of fame! We had so many great readings on the night from authors and poets that had us laughing and moaning in our seats.


I read from Sharing Nicely which is newly pre-orderable (I think that might not be a word) and I confess I didn’t know what I was reading until I asked the audience if I should go for the funniest prize or the filthiest. They picked filthiest but sadly I didn’t win the prize for either but never mind, the winners were truly deserving!

It was a brilliant evening, I met up with folks I’ve not seen in a while and met some folks for the first time. It was the perfect smutty melting pot and Sh! is definitely a home from home now with the love and care offered by the girlz there!

Check out posts from Kay Jaybee and KD Grace for far more in depth reports from the event with links and stuff. At this late stage I daresn’t list folks for fear of forgetting someone. Yes, I am a wimp and I certainly don’t want to get a paddling from Kay! ;)

Needless to say it was a wonderful evening with much laughter and many naughty, sexy excerpts and poems. We enjoyed a lovely meal out afterwards and drinks and then Kev and I managed to walk across a bit of London to get back to our hotel as the tube was closed when we got to it (who knew it actually closed!) so we’re felling very pleased with our little selves! We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Polo bar opposite Loverpool Street Tube station with KD Grace and enjoyed much plotting over our food. I had eggs Benedict, it was divine!

The visit to the capital was short but very, very sweet. Thanks to all who made it such fun!