What are we?
Cute, yes.
Adorable? Most assuredly.
Sickeningly sweet? Indeed.
But we defy labels.
They’re a Sadist but softly tender,
I’m submissive,
But not always.
Yes I brat
But it’s not just that.
They brat too!
They are my kitty
Who curls up in my lap
And purrs when I tickle behind their ears.
But they’re not owned by me.
And when the beast awakes
they mark ME their own.
Are they masterful? Oh yes.
Master by name?
Hells no.
And I’m no slave.
I can’t possibly behave
And I hate to be punished.
Pain is fun play for me.
For us.
We don’t fit in a D/s box.
We could try to squeeze into one
But where’s the fun
In that?
We defy classification.
Too much of everything
To be just one thing.
There’s no catch all term for what we are
Beautifully undefined.