January is always a tough month for me, a lot of it is down to the all pervasive messages that tell me my body isn’t good enough. I have struggled with that pretty much for my whole life (at least from School on wards) and I have more body confidence now than I’ve ever had but it is still fragile. And the constant stream of ‘exercise more, eat less, loose weight’ just grinds me down.

But I’m battling back.  It’s a struggle, but I’ve realised I’ve been hiding, not sharing as many photos etc, so I’m stopping that now. I’m getting back to loving me just the way I am. And of course, it always helps when I have some marks to show off. And I was given a beautiful, handmade paddle for Christmas, posted at great expense from my American Bestie to me and I had to have a proper go with it. I call it Xavier,it’s a beautiful beast.

(PS if you’re doing something positive this New Year that empowers you and makes you happy then you go, you do you. I’m not knocking that new year energy, when it’s used for good. <3 )


Oh look, it’s another Miss T’s Spanking bench photo-anyone would think I spend a lot of time here. ;)

Sinful Sunday