Scenes are serious, scenes are straight-faced and should be treated in a sober manner.

Yeah, right.

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh and that is totally okay. In fact there are very few scenes I’ve ever been in, where laughter hasn’t happened for me or for the Top/s involved. Does this mean we’re not taking things seriously enough? Not at all. I’ve always played in scenes that are consensual, safe and/or risk aware and that side of things must always be respected.

However, the rest of it is fun. We call it play for a reason. Now I know not everyone connects in a way that allows for giggling like a loon, but if that is what happens then it’s all good. BDSM isn’t all cries, whimpers and darkness.

Let me tell you something I recently learnt. Listening to the meanie you’re playing with giggling is simultaneously the cutest and most terrifying thing ever.

Especially when you’re not sure if he’s going to hit you with the ‘friendly’ cane or tickle you senseless. Playing with Ric_jh a couple of weeks ago was a revelation. He enjoys tickling me. I enjoy it when he tickles me too. I like to laugh and I like to be out of control so tickling works for me. It clearly works for him too because he laughed as much as I did in sheer glee at the noises he was eliciting from me.

What was an especially powerful mind fuck in that scene was I really never knew whether I was going to be tickled or hit with something hard and mean. I’d be busy laughing away in response to being tickled and then BAM I’d be hit with something and my poor brain wasn’t always quick to switch from laughing to yelping in pain.

I’m sure that made Ric laugh all the more. And I can tell you, his preferred implement, the ‘friendly’ cane was indeed very enamoured with me. It seemed like it really wanted to get to know me and it left a lasting impression. One that hurt immediately but after oh, 5 seconds or so hurt all the fucking more.

We laughed. We laughed a lot, the whole way through our scene from beginning to end. It didn’t mar the scene in any way, the laughter enhanced it. I often come away from a scene feeling euphoric but after that one I felt happy and deep down full of joy. It was the laughter that made that scene so very special.


‘Friendly’ Cane and friends left these marks


Sometimes, the laughter is a little bit more one sided, though.

Prince Avalon owed me a beating and I got what I was owed at the New Year’s Kage. I started with a huge grin on my face as I always do when I relax into the familiar rhythm of his beating hands, but as the kit got more purposeful I started to make noise.

At first it was disgruntled mewls. As he discovered the spots that hurt the most.

The noises I made were non- verbal ways to challenge his choices.

‘Really, you’re going to hit me there again. Right there where it really bloody hurts?’ and as such didn’t get much of a response.

Well, except he hit me harder.

It was, I recall, when he got to a cane that my noises turned into yelps and squeaks and squeals. It was at this point he laughed. He has a very distinct chuckle. It’s quite dry and not just a little menacing. It’s the kind of laugh that means business. It’s the kind of laugh that says:

“Ha. Gotcha.”

Because He knows exactly where to hit to illicit more of those noises again.

I never knew I could do girly screams. I honestly didn’t think I had the vocal capacity for it. However, Avalon’s new wooden sword (with the amazing hollow thumping noise it makes on contact) pulled some of the most high pitched screams from my lungs I’ve ever achieved.

And what did he do? He chuckled.

When he made me whine in sheer baffled confusion he chuckled. When he hit harder and faster and I just couldn’t stop yelping, moaning and gasping…he chuckled.

I think he has a bit of a sadistic streak. ;)

What played with my mind too, was that he, being the kind meanie he is, sometimes stroked my back or placed a hand on me to calm me. This is something regular in his play. However, this time, sometimes when that hand settled on my back it wasn’t to calm me. It was to hold me down/give him more leverage to hit me all the bloody harder.

And I never knew which one it would be.

Mind fuck.

Which often caused me to yelp loudly and you guessed it, he chuckled.

I did giggle myself a few times. It wasn’t all just Avalon chuckling as he rained down blessed pain and yearned for agony but yeah, he definitely chuckled more than I did.

And that made me happy. To hear him joyful in administering my beating enhanced my pleasure.

I love to please others, I love to be tortured with pain and tickles and I love to hear meanies laugh at me or with me.

It’s all fun and games after all.

Big, Bastard of a Bruise from Avalon