From the moment we met conversation flowed between me and Alex, we get on. He annoys me and I put up with it. A very northern British fairy tale. And far more affectionate than it sounds. We met at Kage. Clicked, chatted and I unsubtly flirted via message after.

“Wait, that makes me your type then!”

Was his delightfully clueless response. From that point on the flirting grew and a plan was made to head over to Townhouse, for a fetish/swingers crossover night. He picked me up and introduced me to the other couple in the car.  He flirted on and off through the journey, making me blush and squirm. I couldn’t wait for the hour journey to be over.

I’ve been to Townhouse once before in the pre-covid times. Things have changed since then so we got taken on the tour. There’s so many stairs in the place (yeah. Townhouse, I geddit. But I’m still gonna moan) that made it tough for me physically but there are so many lovely rooms with all kinds of play equipment so it’s worth the effort.

After a chat with the other couple we came with Alex and I went off to enjoy our first ever scene together. It was early doors so most of the rooms were unoccupied. I was happy to take advantage of that. We found a private room on the top floor containing a room wide king size bed and not much more. But fine for our needs. We got in, settled down. Like when you walk into a hotel room. There’s a moment of looking around and getting the lay of the land before well, unpacking.

He looked through my groaning kit bag and we talked about what we’d do, briefly. We’d done pre-negotiations already. He knew my limits. I didn’t know exactly what was coming next. I knew it would be sexual. Rough. But he took me totally by surprise.

He was fully dressed. Suit. Tie. I was far more slutty. Bodysuit and flimsy dress.

“Those can come off to start.” He said.

I stripped off the dress and checked if he wanted the body stocking off too. He did. I was left naked under his gaze. I sat perched on the bed, he loomed over me. I expected a kiss. I got a hand around the throat and roughly pushed down onto the bed. The hand at my throat as his other roughly fingered me. I was so wet already and he could feel that. I flushed at the revelation. After a moment I had to tap out as I needed breath.  He gave me a moment buut he kept his hand near my throat. When I stopped gasping he fed me the fingers that had been inside of me and I licked them enthusiastically. Next Alex went back to forcefully fingering me until he felt my tenseness and stopped.

“I should have known you’d do that.” I gasped. Cut off just on the brink of orgasm. I was completely off kilter and scrabbled into a sitting position.

“You should.” He smiled so smugly and then he grabbed my nipple and twisted.


So Hard.

Breath-takingly hard.

In all my play I have never had someone do that straight out. And my nipples are sensitive and pinching pain is hard for me to process and my brain just turned to white noise and pain and panic. And yes  I know there’s to many ands in this sentence but it was how my brain was grappling with sensations and after and after and. He relented eventually but of course grabbed the other. Back and forward he went.  Pushed me back down, spread my thighs. Slapped my tits, slapped my thighs. Slapped my exposed cunt so hard I swear the breath left my body.

I was assaulted.

And I loved it all. I was completely his toy to enjoy. I was a snivelling, scared wreck. Within minutes. Literal minutes. I didn’t know if I was coming or going and it was incredibly intense.

Then he grabbed a spatula.

I didn’t even realise it was in my bag. I joked about it being too light for me.

Oh fuck was that the wrong thing to say.

That fucking wooden spatula was used full pelt on my breasts and I was squirming away. He pinned me down. Me naked. Him fully dressed (jacket had been removed but nothing else) and he toyed with me. Pretending to hit and not over and over…never had someone hold out so long but he was so hooked on the anticipation he’d do it constantly and then the pain would assault my jangled nerves as well as my tits.

He used the point to press into my nipple. He used the edge in cane like thwaks…slunk it down my body to the juncture of my thighs…and I didn’t dare breathe as he rubbed it up and down my wet slit. And of course he hit my cunt and my thighs and when he moved back up to my breasts I was crying, not full on sobs but definite tears in my eyes.

“Give me a minute!” I pleaded. “You’ve broken me.”

“Already?” His fucking smug smile got wider.  “I thought you said you could take pain?”


Hit to the ego.

I was humiliated, enraged and fucking turned on.

God, I’m weird.

“I caaaannnnnn.” I whined and sniffed.

“I was only using a spatula.” He scoffed.

“I know. I don’t know…I’m confused….” And I totally was. I’m not sure how I managed to speak.

He gave me my breathing space then grabbed out to get Xavier. Xavier is my biggest,heaviest, most evil paddle made for me by my bestie. It’s a beast of an implement. He rolled me onto my belly and he hit me. Hard. I love Xavier. I adore him and I adore a hard hit out of the blue on cold flesh but that on top of broken brain? He got two strikes in before I threw myself to the side and stupidly onto my back.

Because then he was looming over me with Xavier in his hand.

“Don’t make me hate Xavier. I love Xavier, my Bestie made it and sent it from America for me.”

Alex admired the handiwork, said how beautiful it was as he stroke it tenderly whilst he still held it as if to beat down on my breasts. I love that damn paddle. I love my boobs hit but oh they were so tender already and I was a fizzing mess who really didn’t know what more she could take. SoI begged him not too.

He laid Xavier face down (it has a lovely X in a contrast wood through the middle) against my boobs and pressed down.

I squealed and wriggled. He held it as if he were going to hit me. My tits lying down are very close to my face and in that moment I was so scared, so very, very scared. I don’t think he hit me. Not with Xavier but he did hurt me…twisting and pulling again I think.

“Amber.” I snivelled. The gulpy teary eyes had gotten to full on tears.

“Oh, but why should I stop now?” He taunted.

“Because…if you keep going I’ll cry more.” All this sniffled through tears.

“Awww, it’d make this pretty face even prettier? Oh dear.”

What a sweetly terrifying compliment. I giggled and cried and told him he’d broken me.  Thoroughly broken me.

“No one else has managed to do this to me, ever.”

And no one has. Not on a first play. That was part of why I needed to stop.

He stroked my hair as I attempted to explain why I was freaking out so. I told him that it wasn’t bad, that he’d done nothing wrong but I wasn’t used to losing control so quickly especially with someone new.

“Do you want to come here?” He asked. And I shuffled up to lay with my head in his lap and he stroked my hair and my arm and he listened to me babble and spoke softly and gently then, to soothe me. It worked.

“Do me a favour and sit up.”

I did. He stood up and grabbed my drink and passed it to me.


I took some deep gulps.

“Oh, I needed that.”

He nodded.

I continued to drink and felt re-energised. Alex gave me exactly what I needed in a moment of vulnerability. I felt so safe.

“I was going to use this on you,” He said, hoisting my doxy in his hands, “but there’s no sockets.”

I followed a hunch and scrambled up to the top of the bed to find…sockets! This girl is gonna take a good old doxying if it’s on offer. Even if it’s offered by a sadist. Maybe even especially if it’s a sadist.

He turned it on, pressed it onto my arm to see how it felt then where did the questing doxy go? Yup, you guessed it, the tit. Ow. Fucking ow.

He directed me to lie down after a little tit torture.

And that is when I got a lecture on wire management as he untangled the wire and I lay there waiting. Sheepishly. More fucking waiting as he undid the knots and told me I should take better care of it and I nodded. Humbled and a little humiliated.

Eventually Alex put the damn thing was between my thighs and I was finally getting to get off. Woo hoo! Orgasms!

That was when he revealed the fact he had my cane in his other hand. Swift swishes to the boob as I came and came and came had me completely gasping and groaning and begging him to stop. I was so overstimulated I thought I would actually literally break into a million pieces and I’d forgotten how to breathe.  He didn’t stop (not a negotiated sign so I knew he wouldn’t) so I had to try to escape.

I rolled over to my side, doxy trapped against my cunt. I didn’t do well at escaping at all really.  I just gave him a different canvas so obviously he went to town with the cane on my butt and thigh and I was thrashing and coming and trying to process cane pain and coming and eventually I realised I couldn’t breathe at all. So Alex let me sit up. After I got my breath back he pulled back the cane in his hand as if to hit my breasts again and I just sobbed and said ‘No’ through the shudders and shakes of my body.

Again not an agreed stopping point, I knew I was going to get pushed. But he pushed me in a really unique way.

He didn’t hit me. But he moved the cane as if he was going to do so. Not once or twice but for several times over and over. I could hear the cane in the air but never felt it. I moaned and grunted and whined in frustration over and over. I was so close to begging him to hit me but so scared he would that I couldn’t let a word fall from my mouth.

My body was completely taut, my nerves completed frayed when Alex did eventually hit me. Hard, fast and wickedly. I just burst again.

Tears everywhere.


I told him I needed a breather. He’d broken me. Again.  I continued to babble about how I didn’t do this with people usually. How I don’t get so vulnerable, feel so out of control. He stroked my hair as I sat perched on the edge of the bed. He got some tissue and dried my eyes for me. Talked gently and soothed me. Made me laugh. The strangest, sweetest thing, was when he lifted my boobs to dry the sweat under there. It hurt cos my tits were so beaten but he wasn’t doing it to hurt me, he was doing it to make me feel more comfortable. He was taking care of my every need. Even the ones I didn’t realise I had.

Then the doxy was in his hand again. He looked at me and when I didn’t voice any protests moments later it was pressed against the huge welt on my left boob.

And I came.

“That was a paingasm.” I gasped out. I’d told him I could sometimes come from pain alone and I wanted him to be fully aware he’d caused it to happen.

So with that smug smile on his face he went back to do the same thing. Pressing the doxy to the welt and cuddling me to his body as he stood before me. I groaned and gaspedand gripped hold around his waist tightly. I came and came and came from the pain coursing through me.

“Yeah, come on, that’s it, you can do it, let go…” Alex gently whispered encouragement, as I shuddered and shook against him. Over and over til he let me go.

“On your knees.” He commanded and I eagerly, if gingerly, knelt at his feet.

He gripped my hair and thrust into my face. I loved it, but my gag reflex is ridiculous and he caught it a few times. He’d give me space to breathe and I’d choose to go back to sucking his dick.  I hummed happily, sucking and kissing and licking and he told me I could use my hands. So I did. I love finding out how to pleasure someone. Not just genitally of course, but there’s something so viscerally satisfying about making a dick throb. Matched with his moans and gasps I was a happy lil’ slut.

Alex pulled me off his cock by my hair. He took his dick in hand and wanked against my lips and my open mouth. I looked up into is face as I let my mouth loll open, then stuck out my tongue. I saw the lust in his face. His eyes dark and intense, his brow furrowed with concentration. It was so fucking hot when he finally pushed into my mouth so I could eagerly drink down his cum.


From broken to bliss.

What a first Scene.