Awooooo A new reviewwwww!

Sorry, folks, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve recently gotten word about an awesome Review of the Over the Moon Anthology that features my story, Moon Shy and I want to share it with you.

The lovely Dawn at Love Romances and More had this to say about Moonshy, my story in the anthology:

This was a strong story that I could really get into. Characters that intrigued me, romance that started off as a friendship but turned to love and secrets that could shatter a relationship or make it stronger are all within the pages of Moonshy and it will have you rooting for Lowell and Jenny to finally be together.

And said this:

Each story delivered something for everyone and the sex was very hot. If you enjoy wolf shifters and werewolves then this anthology is for you. I look forward to checking out these authors other works and seeing what piques my interest next.

About the Anthology as a whole, Thank you Dawn!

Yes, I should warn you that there are some violent scenes that include blood shed but I promise you there is nothing extremely graphic in there because I wouldn’t be able to write anything too extreme!

You can buy Moon Shy as a single release from the 27th September 2010 and it is already available in eBook and Print as part of the Over The Moon Anthology!