Okay, so picture this. I’m cleaning the kitchen and all the sides and cooker and such are sparkly so I go on to mop the floor, I grab my metal handled mop and the middle bit bends. it’s not supposed to bend. it looks like it’s been trapped in something and as I try to delicately use it, it breaks in half!

So, with the mother in law and her sister due to land after we drop off boo at school I have no time to go buy a new mop. so what do I do? I clean the whole damn kitchen floor on my hands and knees with a piece of kitchen towel and kitchen spray. I then go and do the same in the bathroom managing to find a sliver of glass next to the bath by running my finger over it and getting it stuck in aforementioned finger. so not only am I on hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor I’m doing it with my right hand (I’m left handed) with a big wodge of loo roll wrapped round my bloody finger.

I get washed and dressed, knowing I’ve just got a few pots to put away and a bit of hoovering to do and I hear the phone ring. I answer it – who is it at 8am? The mother in law.

They are *not* coming today ‘cos she’s not well enough. They’ll come tommorrow instead.

AAAAAARRRRRRGGHH! all that scrubbing and i could have waited and gone and got a new mop *cries*

So that is how my day started, I’m glad to say it got better. My husband and I watched our little girl’s harvest festival and then went to do a little bit of shopping. After that, wel let’s say we did some research for my erotica writing and I caught a little nap.

I’ve slipped in a little review writing and promotional posting before and after picking my daughter up from school. I cooked and served tea (a simple beef stew, broccoli and mash) and then set to keeping on top of the housework so I don’t have to do anything tommorrow when the Mother in law says she’s going to turn up.

How glamourous is this, hey? Don’t you just long to have the life of a Rosy, Raunchy Romance Authoress? If you do please let me know and I’ll let you have it! *grins*