Autism Awareness Blog Hop – Christian Prejudice

RJ Scott Autism Awareness Blog hop

79% of people with autism in Scotland believe public understanding of the condition is poor or very poor.
I’m thrilled to be part of RJ Scott‘s Month long blog hop for autism awareness. The topic of the blog hop is prejudice of all kinds so I’m choosing something very close to my heart -Christian Prejudice.

By this I’m not talking about the oppression Christians suffer for their faith, although there are many who really do and my heart goes out to them, no this post is about people who suffer the narrow minded views of certain people in the church.

As you know, I’m a Christian, I’m also out as an erotica writer and sadly this makes way more uncomfortable than I’m happy to admit. The church struggles with sex, likes to dictate what it’s followers can and can’t do and woe betide you break those man-made rules.

I was let down by people I thought were friends, which is harsh enough, but gay Christians are treated with fair more contempt. Some are completely cut off from the church, others are told to become celibate to be good Christians and as such denied a loving partnership if they want to continue to join in at church.

And often those people are also stopped from working with children, which is just mind boggling really.

All this because they love someone of the same sex.

So, what does Jesus have to say about homosexuality. I think this picture sums that up:

Jesus's view on Homosexuality.

Ah but does’t the old testament have a lot to say on the matter and that Paul dude is pretty anti -gay, right? Well no, not really, and the few verses that do appear in old and new testament aren’t about homosexuality at all. For a really good, very in depth explaination of this check out this post on ‘Clobbering “Biblical” Gay Bashing.’ on The God Article.

So, when it comes down to it, why are so many Christians anti-gay? This is one of those questions that has a million different answers. I believe a lot of it is simply misinformation, clinging to established traditions and just pure, simple fear of change.

I really do truly believe that a huge majority of Christians who profess to be against Equal Marriage are simply unaware of the hurt they’re doing and often just following the crowd. It is still hurtful though, as this snippet from an interview with Evangelical Church Leader Steve Chalke says:

“The Church extends a shield of care to heterosexual young people. My son, who is getting married next year, was automatically given books and resources, invited on pre-marriage counselling, and all sorts of things to support his future marriage. But if you are gay you are on your own. You have a guilty secret. And often, if you have the courage to go to your Church about it all you are told is ‘don’t take communion any more’, ‘don’t work with children any more’, ‘don’t talk about this because we don’t want to know about it’. Often gay people have been made to feel totally unwelcome in evangelical churches. Most people do not have the gift of celibacy and when it is enforced it leads to terrible isolation and guilt.”

Image taken from this article on Baptists for Equality.

So, what can be done about it? Well, as a Christian I urge fellow Christians to read the articles linked in this post, check your bible and pray about it. We’re called to love one another and to treat every person we meet in the way we’d like to be treated. I hope we can take this to heart. Check out the Work of Changing Attitude here in the UK and Believe out Loud in the USA and please consider whether your attitude reflects well on the God we love, or not.

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