Author of the Week & Hangout.

Hey guys, I’m getting the weekend off for my blog tour, but be sure to check back Monday to find out about my next stop.


So today I just want to remind you that I am Author of the Week at Total-E-Bound and this means you can get 20% off selected titles including two seasonal ones, Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart and Festive Handbag. To find out more hit the total-e-bound homepage and scroll down past the new releases to the author of the week box.


Tonight I’m holding another book launch! This one comes to you from the comfort of my living room. How can that be? Well I’m hosting a book launch Hangout over at google plus.

To join in all you need is a g+ account (it’s very easy to sign up) and to then circle me which is google plus speak for adding me to your friends.

At 9pm GMT (around 3pm EST I believe) I will start up my hangout, you will receive notification of this when you’re logged into g+ just click on it and join in the fun. There’s no need for you to have a webcam, you can type to me instead but I will be there in the flesh reading from Tempting Rendezvous for you.

Finally for today I want to remind you that Blissemas is coming! Starting on the 3rd December you can hop your way around lots of cool blogs, comment and you could win the top prize of a Kindle! There will also be other spot prizes throughout the month. Everything will be announced here on my blog but also on the blog where extra content will be added all the time. Festive games, recipes, tips and freebie stories will all be available there.

To find out more nip over to and check out what’s coming!