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So, since it is an extra special Sunday I thought I’d share with you not just a little excerpt but a WHOLE story from my mini anthology “Rob & Lou’s Wild Weekends.”

First, the blurb:

Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild! Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously sexy.

Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends. Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their kinky ride.

Includes a bonus short story ‘Damsel in Distress’ and excerpts from other ebooks by the award winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

rob-and-lou-wild-weekends 400

On to the story, it’s called “Mud is good, wetter is better.” and there are snogs and goings on in the great outdoors!

It was blowing a gale outside the tent, the rain was slamming down like it had a grudge against the earth and as Rob pulled his head back in from braving the elements he told me he wouldn’t be surprised if we got a little thunder and lightning. I’d been patient until that point. I’d smiled and I’d looked for the positive in every little thing that had gone wrong. I’d even laughed about the hole in my sleeping bag when really I wanted to cry. But I could only take so much and the storm was the last straw.

“I told you this was a fucking bad idea.” I yelled, “How the hell did I let you convince me to go camping on a bank holiday?”

“If I remember rightly you were the one who suggested borrowing my brother’s tent.” Rob pulled the tent closed and shook the water off his anorak.

“I was just being polite.” I grumbled, “I didn’t think he’d actually lend it to us.”

“And they’ve taken the kids for the long weekend we really shouldn’t grumble.”

“But it’s cold and it’s wet and it’s miserable and I want to go home.”

“Well, Lou, we could do that but—”

“But what?” I threw my hands in the air. “Don’t tell me you’re actually enjoying this.”

“Well, no, that’s not it. It’s just that erm, well. Just look out the tent flap and check out the car.”

I muttered and mumbled, shot evils at my darling husband and crawled passed him to look out into the storm. He passed me a torch so I could see out into the murk. It wasn’t really late but the storm had brought darkness early and even though it was the middle of August it felt like a dark, oppressive winter night. I’d told Rob it would be a bad idea. It would rain, I’d be cold but he didn’t listen. He wanted to go on a grand adventure. Something deep inside him ached to sleep under the stars separated from nature by a bit of flappy canvas. Being the good and loving wife I am I gave in. Also Rob’s brother and his girlfriend had happily acquiesced to have our kids for the weekend so I was looking forward to some adult alone time even if it did mean I had to wear my thermals in the middle of summer.

When I spied our well-loved family car standing where we parked it surrounded by a quagmire of mud I really did wish I’d persuaded Rob to stay at home and just pretend we went camping. We’d not be stuck in the wild in the middle of a thunderstorm then. We’d be rolling around in bed eating snacks we don’t let the children eat and fucking with abandon.

“Fuck.” I cursed, “I told you we should have parked it in the car park.”

“You did no such thing,” Rob exclaimed, “you dragged me in here and fucked my brains out.”

He was quite right, I had. Well, he looked all sexy with his sweat beaded brow. I’d enjoyed watching him pitch the tent. It involved a lot of bending over and my husband has a bloody gorgeous arse. I spent my time pretending to help but really I was ogling his body and thinking wicked thoughts about having my way with him. So instead of telling him we needed to park on the tarmac at the car park I kissed him and pulled him into the tent. I didn’t strip him, I just opened his trousers. I had to struggle out of my own jeans so could only watch him stroking his cock but as soon as I could I climbed on top of him. I pushed him down and straddled his waist. The scent of the crushed grass mixed with his musk was so primal that it added excitement to what we were doing. I pushed down until I felt him stretching me. It was a heady mix. It made me feel connected to nature in some kind of primal way.

Rob filled me up perfectly and I strove to find the rhythm to give me greatest pleasure. I moaned, grunted and cursed. “Sh,” he gasped, “there are people setting up all around us.”

“Don’t care,” I replied grinding myself against him. “Want to come.”

I was so wound up I couldn’t speak in proper sentences. Connectives and prepositions fell off the ends. He rested his hand between us, his thumb pressed against my clit. I came hard and screamed my completion into the other hand that he had clamped over my mouth. Fuck, that had been hot. Struggling back into my clothes afterwards because I was freezing was not.

“Well, okay. I meant to tell you we should park on the car park.”

I burst into laughter. Sometimes you’ve got to laugh or you’ll cry. When he realised I wasn’t hysterical, he joined in.

“I guess we’re stuck here.” I sighed and clambered back to my sleeping bag beside him.

“Yep,” Rob nodded. “Sorry, Lou. I really thought this would be a lovely holiday to remember.”

“Well, we’ll certainly remember it,” I stroked his cheek, “and I’m sure it would have been seriously romantic if the British weather had behaved.”

“Should have known it’d rain. It is a bank holiday after all.”

“Precisely,” I kissed him gently on the lips, “but then God blessed you with brilliant good looks, he couldn’t fit in the brains.”

“Oy,” he yelled and pushed me onto my back. I collapsed in a fit of giggles as he mercilessly tickled my ribs and kissed my neck, “take that back.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” I giggled, “I surrender, you win!”

“Good.” He cooed, “because I really want to fuck you now.”

I love it when he’s so forthright.

As the wind whistled and the canvas flapped and creaked he stripped me of my anorak and the layers of clothing beneath. While the rain battered the sides of our tent, sounding like a rock fall of some huge proportion, he stripped me out of my trousers. We rolled under the picnic blanket, used more for warmth not its original purpose all weekend. And Rob settled himself between my thighs, his trousers kicked off, his t-shirt discarded.

Rob was right. There were thunder and lightning flashes which illuminated the tent with their brightness. I didn’t care though as the storm raged around us. We may have only been separated from it by a few poles and a waterproof sheet but I was too busy wrapping my legs around Rob and pulling him deeper into me. His cock is hard, thick and satisfying and he always rubs me just the way I like. Our breath mingled when we fucked. The scent of hot man blended with squashed grass and my own light, feminine scent created a perfume I would always remember.

“Fuck, Lou,” he panted after a particularly long rumble of thunder, “I’m gonna come.”

“Hold on,” I gasped and slipped a hand between us, “wait for me.”

He stilled as I rubbed my clit. He was so close to the brink I could feel it in the steel of his body. “Fuck me now,” I panted, “I’m close, honey, I’m close.”

“Yes,” he growled and forced himself deeper into me, “yes, Lou, come for me.”

We moaned and sweated while the thunder rolled past. I screamed when I came, clamping his throbbing cock as he pumped his orgasm into me.

We lay in each other’s arms and listened to the receding storm.

“It’s stopped thundering now,” I commented a few moments later.

“Yep,” Rob agreed. “But it’s still throwing it down. It’s banging off the side of the tent.” “Do you know something?”

“I know a lot of things,” he replied with a dig of his elbow into my ribs, “but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me something new.”

“Hmm, not sure it’s new but there’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a bit mad.”

“Jump out of an aeroplane? Bathe in a bath of rice pudding?”

“No,” I rolled to my side to face him, “and it’s traditionally beans, anyway.”

“Oh excuse me for being innovative.” He grinned. I swear he gets far too much pleasure from winding me up.

“Do you want to hear my mad desire or what?” I was starting to feel a bit nervous about telling him. I mean he already knew I was kinky but this was something rather new.

“Go on, then.” He ran his hand down my naked arm, turning me on further and not at all placating my nerves. “I’d really rather love to fuck in the rain, I think.”

“Oh,” Rob’s brows lifted with surprise. “Tell me more.”

“Erm, well, I haven’t really got any more detail. Just kinda like the idea of getting it on in the rain. On the grass. Clothes on. All wet and sticky and—”

“Let’s do it.” Rob sat up.


“Get your pants on and a top and let’s do it. “ He pulled on his damp jeans and his t-shirt.

“Oh, okay.” I pull a short floaty skirt from my luggage. I’d packed it when I was feeling optimistic. I matched it with a cotton t-shirt and scrabbled out of the tent behind my eager husband.

The rain hammered my skin from the moment I stepped out onto the wet grass and mud. The rain wasn’t particularly cold, though and I felt uncomfortably hot inside as I squirmed in anticipation.

“Let’s go towards the woods.” Rob grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. We skirted the edge of the other tents then darted off towards the trees.

“There’s no one out.” I commented.

“Yeah, other people aren’t totally mad, Lou.” He replied then pulled up to a stop. “This looks promising.”

We stood on the crest of a dip in the landscape. Beyond us were trees. Dense, drenched greenery and nothing else. No path, no people, no signs of life at all.

“It’s a bit, erm, exposed.” My sensibilities decided to kick in as we got closer to doing something very naughty and probably illegal. I was incredibly turned on, I was shaking with the force of the lust zooming through my veins but I was also aware that the majority of people I knew, and many of those I didn’t, would frown upon such public displays of affection.

“There’s no one here, Lou.” Rob wrapped his fingers around tighter and pulled me forward.

“But there could be people just in the wood, sheltering from the rain. What if—”

The end of my wondering was silenced by his lips on mine. He often won arguments, or at least postponed them, by using the kiss tactic. I was powerless to resist the pressure of his mouth against mine. He wrapped me in his embrace and his tongue darted between my lips. I responded without thinking. I pulled him closer to me, squashed him against my body. Rivulets of water ran down from my hair, down my cheek and nose to drip on our heated kisses. I could taste the rain with each kiss. The deluge had soaked the cotton to my body. The wet material sculpted my curves. My skirt stuck to my thighs and my arse and that wet embrace heightened the arousal that sparked between us.

“Fuck,” Rob pulled back from me and viewed my body. My breasts clearly outlined by the clinging top, my nipples hard and prominent. I would never usually go bra-less. My tits are big and bouncy and need to be restrained in public. I wiggled my shoulders and smirked at the growl that rolled up his throat and burst from his lips. “You’re gorgeous.” I forgot where we were or at least I decided I didn’t care. My priority became getting off. He looked so sexy. His jeans dark, soaked and clinging to his thick legs. His T-shirt, happily a white one, clung to his chest and highlighted all his manly squareness. It was his broad shoulders that were my undoing. I had to smooth my hands over them and as I did I had to lap up the drops of rain that clung to the dip at the bottom of his neck. I was distracted by my licking and kissing and didn’t realise he was edging me back until the ground changed beneath my foot and I yelped. I over-balanced and clung to him. He was no help; he bent forward and I fell back against the wet grass rise with a strange sound that was part squelch and part bump and a lot of girly scream.

Rob laughed then, so did I. I settled into the wet grass, mud mushing into my skin and my clothes. I didn’t care. I beckoned my husband forward with a finger and he joined me on the grass. He knelt between my spread thighs and kissed me before I could berate him for pushing me over. Good move. There was something incredibly freeing about writhing in the grass, mud and rain. I knew it was wrong, I knew it was immature but I just didn’t care. It was fun and I was caught up in the adventure of the moment. I could feel Rob’s cock pushing eagerly against the denim that entrapped him and I wanted him to be trapped by the wet, soft walls of my cunt instead. I forced my hands between us and to the button and zip of his trousers. He nibbled on my neck and shoulder as I freed him. He was hot and hard and just a little damp compared to the rest of Rob which was soaking wet. Like me. I was so wet everywhere but the hot dampness at my crotch had been caused by lust, not by the rain.

“Fuck me,” I moaned and squeezed his dick, “fuck me quickly before someone finds us. I need you in me.”

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you,” he growled and eased up my skirt, the material heavy with water. “I’m going to fuck you but I don’t care if we’re found. I don’t care. Let them watch.”

The idea thrilled me and I covertly looked around over his shoulder, stretching my neck to check but no, there was no one around. But someone could stumble over us at any moment. I couldn’t believe how incredibly horny that fact made me. I was momentarily satisfied when he thrust into me. His familiar heat filled me and I sighed with delight. He didn’t stay still for long. He moved and set my blood on fire. He delved deeper and pulled back over and over and I moaned, cursed and screamed out his name. Sure, I should have been quiet. I know that, but I just couldn’t keep the noises in. They burst forth from me, I had no self-control left.

“Come on me, Lou,” Rob grunted, “please, baby.”

I nodded against his searching lips and he lifted up to let me stroke my clit. I needed the direct stimulation to come with the force that he wanted. I rubbed my sodden nub, and writhed beneath him. I’d created a hollow in the mud with my arse, or so it felt, I was coated in it. I could smell hot man and bruised grass and pure rain. I came and it all melded into one. The pleasure, the scent, the dirtiness. I was lost in the sensations as he roared and pumped purposefully into me.

“Wow,” he mumbled kissing my chin, “that was something.”

“Wasn’t it?” I whispered then I heard something and pressed my fingers to his lips. It was the sound of laughter carrying on the breeze. The rain had slackened and obviously someone was venturing out. Rob scrabbled back and pushed himself back into his trousers. I smoothed down my skirt and just in time too.

“Are you okay?” A young girl and her boyfriend appeared on the other side of the dip.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “I just slipped on the mud.”

She nodded. “It’s awful weather isn’t it? Did you get caught in the storm, too?”

Rob leaned in to help me up as I replied in the affirmative. “Well, enjoy the rest of your holiday.” The girl waved and walked away hand in hand with her young man. They giggled. I’m sure they knew I’d not just slipped. My cheeks burned red with embarrassment, but we had to laugh.

“That was close, love.” Rob wrapped his arm over my shoulder and pulled me tight to him.

“Wasn’t it?” I replied. “It was fucking hot, though.”

“Definitely,” he replied and kissed my forehead. “Now I think we better go and find the shower block.” “Mm, yes.” I replied. “I need to get all this mud off me.” Mud smeared my dress, my top, my arms and it was in my hair. Rob wasn’t that muddy as he’d been pushing me against the ground but I was pretty certain his jeans would never be the same again.

“Yes, I know you’re a dirty girl, Lou, but I think this new look takes it a bit too far.”

It turned out that we did in fact always remember that holiday and the rain and the mud. We complained about it in public but often reminisced fondly about it in private. One Christmas Rob gave me a special present, a framed picture. I remember the looks of confusion on the kid’s faces when I opened it. My mum was very polite and so was Rob’s brother. None of them realised why the picture made me laugh so hard or why my cheeks were flushed red for so long after opening it.

The picture was made up of a thick, muddy hand print surrounded by scuffs of green that if you looked closely you could see were grass stains. I hung it proudly on the bedroom wall and smile every time I look at it. Mud can be good and wetter even better!

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