Last Thursday the family Blisse headed to Bangkok Bar in Manchester for Dr Sketchys Manchester. We were late (My fault!) So came in after the first performance form Velma Von Bon Bon but be assured it was brilliant. We came in just in time to sketch the lovely lady and her flamingo (yes, flamingo) adding in a Will E Coyote Kill Scene.

Here’s the lovely Velma and her pink steed:




And here is my sketch:




In my defence, I was caught up in my elaborate kill scene. The lovely lake and the alluring plastic flamingo mate to pull in the sweet Flamingo and the two pronged attack of a great big blummin’ cage and the 1000 volts flowing in from the carelessly left cable connected to the big ol’ generator controlled by Wille E himself. And The kill scenes never work, so in the background I worked in a cliff and a boulder and a flamingo friend pushing said rock over the cliff to roll into and over our wicked Coyote.  That’s what you’re meant to be seeing in the above sketch. Yes, there is a reason I’m a writer, not an artist!

After the Blisses had some Sketching fun we went on to check out the stalls, lovely smelling soap, amazing hand crafted bags and portraits were on sale along with a huge table full of Steampunk delights from Gothianna.




My daughter bought a bag. She loves the bag. She would have bought *everything* if she could have. Although I was tempted by a few sparkly goodies myself I must admit!

After the break the monkey business started with three very naughty Monkeys indeed! One of them (that bore a strange resemblance to the elegant and lovely Bea Noir) even attacked my dear daughter, going through her hair (her lovely and precious teenage hair, people, do you know the importance of the hair!)  for bugs to eat. Boo Blisse’s face was a picture.  I’m not sure she’s gotten over it yet.

And here’s my picture of the three naughty Monkeys. My See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Totem pole warding of a great and dark evil.



I think I captured the lovely monkeys quite well, what do you think?



The Monkey theme continued with the very lovely Velma Von Bon Bon back as a down trodden Organ grinder’s monkey slave.



My heart went out to the poor monkey…then she went mad and broke free and wow, did she break free! What an amazing, joyful performance. I was laughing and whooping and clapping, it was fantastic.

My drawing was not so fantastic. But hey, I tried!



I am very trying, ask anyone. I had fun with the last task. Our monkey friend has made it big and has her own Stage show.




We had to draw our monkey in that stage show. For some unknown reason people thought my idea was dirty.



I don’t know why. One lovely lady shouted out that it could be a horror show, she clearly saw my vision. The others were just dirty minded. I blame Jay our host with the most. It’s got to be his fault, right?



Thoroughly looking forward to next Month’s Femme Fatale Night, you should come along on the 30th April, It’ll be awesome!

Sketchy Femme Fatale