Sometimes, conversations take interesting twists and somehow today I ended up writing a list of all the things I’m good for, application style for Palantilin. Good news is, I’ve got through to the interview stage! I believe that means I get to see him in his favourite suit. I am sure my oral skills will win me the job but please, wish me luck!

Dear Sir,

Thank you for considering me for this important and honoured position, please find below a comprehensive list of what makes me ideal for the job!

  • Incredibly high pain tolerance
  • Total pain slut
  • Soft and squishy, giving lots of places to beat, prod, poke,pinchand otherwise torture
  • Comes with built in pillows for snuggling and naps
  • Highly enthusiastic blow jobs, moans, groans, tongue tickles (and I swallow!)
  • Most assuredly a good girl
  • Cute blusher
  • Does as I’m told. (Mostly!)
  • I write erotica – I will write about you and for you
  • I talk erotica – I can whisper all kinds of filth in your ear
  • I think erotica – I have a wild and wicked imagination and you can use it and abuse it
  • Entertaining noises. Squeaks, moans, gasps, yells, giggles, pants, groans and mysterious sounds that need to be heard to be believed
  • Intelligent, witty bratting: Always said without thought, always thoroughly regretted. But oooh, I’m funny.
  • Fun to mind fuck. I literally love being wound up into a wet ball of needful lust
  • Kiss slut – giving, recieving, all over
  • Bite slut – same as above
  • Slutty slut – hot, wet and ready to fuck
  • My cunt is a work of interactive art
  • Highly curious, I will try out most things once, more if I like it.
  • Humiliation makes me wet
  • Will let you piss on me
  • Adorable face when being choked
  • Eager to please
  • Will do all I can to make you feel good
  • Puntastic
  • I love butt stuff
  • Multiorgasmic
  • Occasional squirter
  • Will give you complete control of my pleasure and pain
  • Orgasm denial only makes me wetter, hotter and more desperate to please
  • Brings snacks, sometimes home baked
  • All holes available for filling – simultaneously or individually
  • Begs so prettily when made to
  • Happy to be ganged up on – the more the merrier
  • Hair pulling encouraged
  • Dances prettily when in pain
  • Basically, an angel.

I do hope I make the cut, I’m ready for my interview at any time that suits you.

Will do anything to get this job.

Yes. Anything*

Lustful Regards,


* up to but not including any hard limits or toe stubbing.