Apologies and BIG News!

Hi all,


Firstly apologies for the downtime of late. Our old hosts were mucking us about something chronic so we’ve moved to new hosts so hopefully you won’t have Blisse withdrawl symptoms in the future! In fact, very soon I’ll be announcing yet another way for you to get your daily dose of Blisse, so keep tuned in for that.

And now onto the exciting news. I’m going to be in an article in the Independent this Saturday! To be precise, I’m going to be in the magazine with 4 of my erotica penning buddies. Remember those awesome photos David Woolfall took of me? Well, one of those beauties will be in there with a bit about me and why I write erotica.


I was bowling with my mate when the original call came in, so I missed it, the email and voice message I then listened to made me a very happy bunny indeed, though. I did spend some time on the phone the next day with the very lovely journalist who asked me some very interesting questions.

But I’m not saying anything, I don’t want to give anything away! So, if you’re in the UK get thee to the shop on Saturday and pick up your copy of the Independent. I will be! Squuuuuueeee!