Anxious Anticipation.

Teetering between

terrified and ecstatic.

My stomach flips between anxious, flittering butterflies

and growling, hungry lion

as I think of you

 and I


I want you,

Oh, how do I.

If I counted the ways I’d be here ‘til a week on Wednesday at least.

But it is my nature to worry.

Will I be enough?

Will I be too much?

Why do all these questions keep running through my mind?

I can’t be sure of the answers

but I can drown out the doubtful voices

with the deluge of desire

that floods me every time I remember your touch

and your sweet, delicious kisses.

I can chase them away

Remembering the look in your eyes

That reflects the hunger in mine.

I can lock them away

Behind a wall of your words

that remind me that you want me too.

Leaving me to anticipate

the shared fantasies

coming true.