Anticipation is the best bit!


Well, the best bit before you actually get to what you’re waiting for! I am so excited, it’s only three little days until the Big Blisse Kiss! I’m plotting my sensuous snog and what prizes I will be offering, yes, you read right, I will be offering MULTIPLE prizes because multiples are the best, right girls?

If you take a look at the list of participants you will see that we already have a sweet set of smutastic authors signed up and ready to snog. Every single author will be offering a prize as well as sharing a scorching hot snog for your enjoyment.

I can’t wait for Sunday. If you want to share the lurve and let people know about the big event you can! My clever husband has created the below Facebook cover:


to spread the word! You’ll need to have timeline enabled on Facebook to use this. You’ll need to right click on the image above and then select “Save Image” then if you don’t already have it enabled activate Timeline by going to and clicking on the green button at the bottom that says “Get Timeline”. You then need to select the image you saved as your new Facebook cover.

If you want to see more images you can use on your websites to advertise the event please check for a list of the available images.

Do you want to get in the mood for all the kissing on Sunday? Then check out the free reads over at, they’re bound to warm you up and get you ready to pucker up for the biggest Sunday Snog ever!