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nbbleFirstly, the winner of my Getting Physical Contest is:

Colleen Conklin

Congratulations. Your parcel filled with Getting Physical goodies will be heading your way soon!

So Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and now I move on to your prize, a free Victoria Blisse read, whoop!

Sweet Thing is set in a sweet shop and involves inventive uses for chocolate, strawberry whips and caramel amongst other things. What better for Valentine’s day!

Sweet Thing by Victoria Blisse

“Now that is a Sweet thing.” I whisper to Ben, who giggles. “Not my flavour of bon bon.” He replies, flourishing his yellow duster. “True, too sweet for you.” I laugh, rubbing the dust off the jar of pear drops in my hand. “Erm, excuse me.” The Sweet thing asks, hesitantly. “Oh, hello.” I turn around and blast him with my smiliest smile, “Can I help you?” “I’m here for an interview.” He smiles, “The name is Richard Bassett.” “Now there is a suitable name for working in a sweet shop.” I chuckle. “You want the boss, he’s in the kitchen with his chocolate truffles, hang on.” “Tony, there’s a Richard Bassett in here for an interview.” A loud clatter and a curse are followed with a, “Take him to the staff room, I’ll be in momentarily.”

I follow the sweet thing up the corridor, he’s tall and slim with a barely there arse that I want to squeeze so much that it’ hard to hold my hands back. He stops in front of the staff room door.

“Yeah, that’s it. Go right in.” He opens the door, holding it for me s I walk in, I do like a bit of gallantry in a man. “Sit down, Tony will be in soon, he gets a bit absorbed when he’s making his chocolates.”

“What’s he like?” Richard asks, chewing cutely on his full lower lip. “Oh, he’s a bastard but a fair bastard. Not a bad boss to work for, I must say.” I nod, “Oh and a hint, tell him you don’t have an overly sweet tooth, he likes to think his staff won’t be stealing from him.” I grin and continue, I talk too much when I’m flirting. “I told him that even though I love all things sweet, as you can tell,” I run my hands seductively over my curves, he coughs and blushes, “anyhow, I better get back. Good Luck.” “Thanks…what is your name again?” “Bella.” I smile. “Thanks, Bella.” His lopsided grin with the cute little dimples makes my pussy pulse pound. I’m old enough to be his mother I’m sure but oh I want him, I want him more than rum truffles and I’m addicted to rum truffles.

“What is he like?” Ben asks as I walk into the shop once more, “I need to know who’ll be replacing me.” “Why should I tell you,” I huff, “you’re abandoning me.” “Oh don’t be like that Bella, you know I have to go where Simon goes.” Simon is Ben’s actor boyfriend. “I know, I’m only teasing.” I chuckle. “I’m mean, you’re a queen, remember?” Ben giggles, “Always.” He grins. “Anyway, he’s a sweet thing. Charming, courteous and hot.” “You gonna seduce him mama?” “Oh, am I,” I sigh, “well, I’m going to try.” “Who could resist?” He exclaims, flicking his duster theatrically, “I’m as gay as a lark and you seduced me.” “With my baking, that’s a different thing altogether.” I laugh, shaking my head. Just then a stream of elderly tourists walk in and our conversation has to stop. Thirty minutes later, we’re still rushed off our feet a Tony escorts Richard to the door. I look out to the window as I’m picking up chocolates with plastic tweezers and Richard turns and smiles at me, a thumb pointing up to the sky. I grin back, dropping the delicate chocolate confection, which breaks. Tony tuts and apologise my mind spinning with possibilities. I can’t wait for the Sweet Thing to start working here, at the Sweet Thing. * * *

“So, this is where we hang the aprons, we’ve got to have them on at all times when we’re working. You’ve got to take them off when you’re not working though, got it.”

“Got it.” Richard replies, hanging the apron rope around his neck. “Here, I’ll fasten you in.” I step behind him and purposefully brush my hands over his bum as I pick up the fabric stings, tying them together. What a butt, oh what a butt! “Everything else is pretty straight forward.” He nods, his cheeks flushed, “You’re best way learn is just to get in there and do it.” I leer at him, the tip of my pink tongue poking between my lips as my eyebrows lift. “Okay.” He grins, his eyes fixed upon my lips. “So let’s go and do it.” I wink and watch the red flush intensify and travel down his neck.

“So, you’re a student, right?” I ask during a lull in custom. “Yeah, history major.” He replies, “And are you just a, erm, do you just work ere or are you, you know, like a mum as well or something.”

“Very smooth,” I laugh, “No, I have no kids. Just me, just this job, no husband or Zimmer frame, yet.”

“I didn’t mean to imply you were…” He thinks better of finishing that sentence. “Sorry, I’m not very good at small talk.” “Oh, don’t worry about it, sweet thing. I’m not easily offended.” I wink and the telephone peeps behind me. I pick it up. “Hello, Sweet Thing Confectioners. Can I help you? Oh Ben Sweetheart, how are you? Oh good, good.” I smile over at Richard who is serving Mrs Cummings with her weekly bag of ye olde mint humbugs. “Well, I better go, I’m running up your phone bill. International calls aren’t cheap. Really? Oh my Simon is going places now isn’t he? Well, the shop is filling up love, I really must go. Of course I miss you, take care and send me a postcard okay? Bye, yes bye now.” I blow a few air kisses down the phone and both Mrs Cummings and Richard give me a funny look. “Ben.” I smile as clarification. Mrs Cummings nods and then shuffles out of the shop.

“Was that your boyfriend?” Richard asks as he puts the lid back on the glass jar of humbugs. I laugh so hard that I startle him, making the heavy glass jar wobble in his hands.

“Oh goodness, no.” I reply. “Ben used to work here, he is all but married to his partner Simon. I mean he did say he loved me, but I think that was just because of the home cooked food I’d ply him with.”

I’ll never tire of seeing him stretch to put jar back on the shelves. His tiny, tasty buttocks tighten and flex so beautifully when he does. “Home cooked food, oh yes I remember that.” He sighs. “Don’t tell me, pot noodle and bread?” I cringe and he nods. “Student food sucks.” “Well, I am a damn good cook, you’ll have to come on over for some home cooking soon. I don’t want to see you wasting way!” Richard laughs. “I might take you up on that, Bella.” “Anytime. I like to keep the men in my life satisfied.” I do like the way he blushes.

*** “Don’t shut up early, don’t forget to dust the jars, the delivery is on Tuesday at 8am and don’t loose my keys.” Tony grabs his last suitcase and throws it into the back of his car.

“Don’t worry boss, I’ve got it all in hand. Enjoy Tenerife!” I smile and wave as the taxi growls into life. “And keep an eye on the new boy.” He shouts out of the window, “I will,” I shout “With great pleasure I whisper to myself. “And don’t forget to take Mrs Harrison her order.”

I nod and continue to wave as the taxi drives out of sight. I jump and clap my hands just as Richard walks round the corner.

“Morning, boss.” He grins, “Too right.” I laugh back, “I like an employee who knows his place.” “Don’t be too hard on me.” He begs, “I’m only a poor student.” “If you behave I promise to get the whip out.” I walk into the shop, the bell jangling and the chocolate, fruit sweet smell consumes my senses. “I like whips.” He replies, and I twirl round to look him in the eye. “Walnut, liquorice, you know.” I laugh and head toward the back room. I try desperately shake the image of Richard bent over the counter, his trousers round his ankles as I whip him with one of the metre long strawberry laces out of my mind but it is more persistently stuck than a lump for month old hubba-bubba under an exam room table.

“Good morning Mister Yates.” Richard yells and I quickly put on my apron and run back to help out.

“…I never did see what old Rupert saw in her but she did make the most gorgeous chocolate cake.”

“Morning Mister Yates, you in for the usual?”

Richard mouths “Thank you.” To me as Mister Yates directs his attention to me.

“Oh Bella, yes dear. I need half as pound of your best dark chocolate too, I was just telling Richard.”

I let the blanket of words envelope me as I shake out 100 grams of Everton mints. I pass the Jar to Richard, making sure my fingers brush against his then pour them into a bag. I notice a gap in the flow of words and I nod and beam to Old Mister Yates, who pulls a toothless smile, straining his wrinkles into streamers of pleasure.

“And did you want the dark or the milk chocolate?” I ask. “Half a pound of dark chocolate, please Bella. I’m going to bake a cake. I was going through a box of stuff Rupert’s, you know my dead best friend…” I nod and move round to the chocolate counter, I squeeze past Richard, my wayward hand snaking down and pinching his bum as I go past. He jumps, and when he glances at me I wink.

“…and I always had a second piece.”

Passing back I squeeze him again and this time I swear he presses his arse back into my hand.

“Well here you go Mr Yates, enjoy your cake.” I smile and as the bell jingles and the door sings shut we both sigh in relief but we don’t have any time to enjoy the silence as a gaggle of giggling school girls fall through the door and keep us busy with their whispered orders and sticky pound coins.

“Can you pass me the sherbet lemons?” He asks and I shake my head, pointing at the jar on the top shelf as I shake out toffee bon bons into the scale. “Oh, okay, sorry.” He strides over, and slips behind me and his hand cups my arse. I bite my lip, holding in a squeal and I throw a look over my shoulder. He winks at me and I chuckle. I’m delighted that he’s playing the game, too.

As he finishes serving his customer and carries the jar back over to place it on the shelf I move round, looking up at the jars, as if searching for my customers choice.

“Up there, yeah, there by the midget gems.”

“Ah yes, I see them now.”

I let him pass me but push forward so my breasts push against his chest as he edges past. Our eyes meet and we smile in unison, I want to kiss him right now, I want to press my body to his and just melt into him but not with an audience, not this audience anyway. * * *

“Right, do you think I might just have time to draw breath, now?” “Yeah, but make it quick.” We laugh, and lean back against the counter. “It’s been manic today.” He stretches his legs and winces. “I know, I don’t know where they all came from, still, it should be quieter tomorrow, oh I hope it’ll be quieter tomorrow.” I slip my butt on to the counter top and ease my feet from the floor. “Flip the sign, please, Richard.”

“Sure.” I hear the bell rattle as he turns the sign to tell the world we’re closed and clicks the lock closed, so no one can come in.

“I need to check the chocolate stock for tomorrow.” I groan, “but I don’t want to move.” “Well stay there then,” He grins, walking in front of me and pressing himself between my thighs. “Just for a moment, anyway.” He leans in and quickly, softly and ohso sweetly kisses my lips.

He blushes and tries to walk back away from me, but I quickly wrap my legs around him so he can’t move.

“Not so quick, Sweet Thing.” I whisper, clasping a fistful of his apron and shirt in my hand, pulling his face back to mine. I kiss him roughly, smashing my lips to his as I’d been longing to do since the moment he walked into the shop. His hands clasp my face as if to pull me away, but then the fingers soften and he deepens the kiss himself, pressing his tongue between my lips. I extend my own tongue, wrapping it around his eagerly as if it were a smooth boiled sweet to suck and savour.

“Bella,” He gasps, pulling his mouth from mine, “I don’t think-” “Good, thinking totally spoils a good fuck.” I reply, “No, Bella, the window.” He groans. “If Tony gets wind of this he’d kill us or sack us or something!”

I look round into the wide open eyes of the two wall sized windows.

“Good point.” I push Richard back and jump of the counter, grabbing his hand. “Back room.” I grin, grabbing a red liquorice whip as I stride by. “This is crazy.” He gasps as I spin him around and press him against the wall. “I don’t know about you.” I gasp as I pull the strings on his apron open, “But I need a bit of crazy in my life.” I spin him round again and pull off his apron, he pulls me into his embrace and as we kiss he wraps his arms around my waist and undoes the ties of my own apron. I giggle as he pulls it over my head. “Tony would go mad if he knew we were in here without those on.” “Let’s hope he’s not got CCTV then.” Richard grins, pulling my t-shirt over my head and groaning. “My turn,” I beam, tugging his t-shirt and throwing it away. And I am pleased to say that my fantasies did not do credit to this gorgeous, pale chest. I don’t know about you, but I like a variety of chests and this one is thin and long and taut and infinitely kisses. “Gorgeous.” I groan, pinning him to the wall once again and chasing kisses from his neckline to his sweet nipples. “My turn,” He groans, pushing me away, I stumble and my back hits the stainless steel chocolate making table. He grabs me and buries his head in my neck, nibbling and licking as his fingers grapple with my bra, eventually they win and I feel the pop and the loosening of my breasts. He carefully pulls the straps away from my body and watches as my abundant breasts wobble and settle on my chest. He emits this sexy little growl as he plunges towards my chest. His hand grab at my breasts roughly, and squeeze them whilst his mouth sucks on one nipple then moves to the other as if he is spoilt for choice. I hear a scrape of metal against metal as one of his hand moves away from groping me.

“I love caramel.” He exclaims, and then his hand is back, but it is covered in sticky, cold caramel the same caramel Tony uses to fill his best selling chocolate. I gasp and shudder as he smears the unctuous sugar concoction over my tits.

“Oh, Sweet Thing,” I gasp as he presses his mouth to my gooey chest. He sucks and licks and laps smearing caramel all round his face. I pull him up and lick his cheek then press my lips to his. “My turn,” I grin between kisses and grab his trousers. I throw his belt open and rip down his zip. The black cloth races to the floor and I tug down his boxer shorts and they pool around his ankles with his trousers. “Step out.” I command and he does. I run my hands up and down his chest and then I track the length of his cock. He gasps and then gasps louder still when I press him against the cold, metal table.

“Caramel is nice,” I whisper in his ear as I press myself between his thighs, stroking his hot cock in my hand, “but I’ve always preferred the cherry centre myself.” I reach round and grab the rectangular tub, I flip off the top with one hand and slip my fingers into the deep red sauce, I pull the fingers free and step back, I hold my hand just above his privates and we watch, we watch the globules of sweet, sticky sauce run down to the tips of my fingers, we watch the drips from and them loosen from my tips. He shivers when the cool liquid impacts against his hot, straining skin. I drop my hand down and wrap it around his shaft, impatient now and wanting to get him covered in my favourite flavour. I slip a finger in my mouth and suck I then offer my hand to Richard and he licks and sucks the sticky mixture from each finger, his gaze fixed to mine, his cheeks and chest flushed with excitement.

I slip down on to my knees and I admire his cock. It’s so magnificent, proudly pointing upwards, hard and dark and so very masculine. His a balls are tight, wrinkled with delight, ready to unload and explode from the right kind of contact. Enough! I gently press my lips to the tip of him, then slip out my tongue o lick up the sticky cherry gunk. Richard groans as I lick all over his cock, up and down, over the head and onto his balls, everywhere the stickiness is covering.

I glance down and see a large un-opened tub of multi coloured sherbet. I wink up at Richard and pull the top from the tub. I grab a handful of the sweet sand and sprinkle it over his cock before wrapping my hand around him and letting the crystals stick to what is left of the cherry syrup. I look up into his face and smile, then look down at his cock with a eager groan. I take the tip of him into my mouth and I slowly slip my lips lower and lower before sucking back up. I repeat this action, savouring the sharp sherbet as his cock throbs in response. Like a long, thick lollipop I devour his cock, sucking and licking every sugar crystal away.

His fingers wrap themselves in my hair, urging me on for a moment then pulling tight, forcing me to stop as the pain on my scalp blossoms. He pulls harder and I come up from my knees and before I can protest he is pulling me tight into his arms and kissing me, crushing his lips to mine and stealing my breath and fanning the flames of lust. He spins me around till my back is against the metal table. He grasps at my trousers, finally finding the fastening and unzipping me, the button pings off with he force of his attack and my trousers pool at my ankles. He yanks down my knickers, throwing them into the pile below before grabbing my buttocks and urging me o sit on the end of the cold, counter. I squeal as my warm skin hits the ice cold of the counter top

“Fuck.” I yell and Richard replies, “In a minute, I just have to taste something first.” I watch him as his yes skim over the counter top, then suddenly his gaze stops and he licks his lips. “You can’t beat a chocolate truffle centre, can you?” He reaches in to the silver pot close by my head and scoops out a handful of unctuous, dark-brown chocolate ganache. With his other hand he presses one, then the other thigh back against the chill counter. I eagerly comply despite the cold and groan as the chocolate covered fingers press between my pussy lips and up and down my wet, open cunt.

“Now that I what I call a chocoholics delight.” He says, licking the chocolate from his fingers. “Want some?” I nod and he leans over, his fingers just out of reach. I strain up and taste my juices melding with the bitter sweet chocolaty goodness by fellating his finger like it’s a cock. When the finger is clean he pulls it away from me with a pop and lowers his face to my crotch.

“Beautiful.” He gasps before licking out. At first I can barely feel him through the thick truffle as he laps the chocolate out of the way though I feel his tongue teasing my lips and my sweet hole. When he has licked away all the chocolate there he presses his tongue inside me and I clench around him, moaning deliriously in pleasure.

He moves up, lapping away at the protective shell of truffle covering my clit, with each lick and suck I feel more, till his lips are fastened round my swelling clit and sucking me to sweet ecstasy. He is so eager, so lustful and his tongue is seeking out all the spots that make me quiver and scream. The combination of his sucking and licking is pushing me closer to the orgasmic edge, I pant and groan and curse, getting louder and louder until I can’t take it any more and gravity takes over.

I plunge into the enveloping waters of ecstasy, the ripples spreading throughout my body before I can recover, I feel my ass being pulled to the edge of the bench. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as he feeds his sticky cock into me.

“Yes.” I groan, throwing my head back and feeling my cunt muscles squeeze around him. “Fuck.” He groans as he pulls back, then plunges in again over and over he fucks into me and I fall back, my large breasts jiggling up and down with the force. His hands grip my hips, his nails digging into their soft flesh, dragging me onto his cock as he thrusts.

“Oh, sweet thing.” I gasp, his pounding making me pulse with pleasure, winding me up with orgasm after orgasm, “oh sweet, sweet, sweet thing.” I moan and he slams harder into me. “Fuck.” He curses, “Oh fuck, yes.” With one last slam he comes, digging his fingers into my hips and making me yelp as the pain mixes with the ecstasy of his cock throbbing in time with my cunt.

He pulls out and I sit up.

“Tony would go ape shit if he saw this.” I look over the table covered in caramel and chocolate and cherry filling, drips of it on the floor mixed with sherbet. “Good job he’s not isn’t it.” He wraps me in his arms and our sticky chests squelch together.”

“I think we’ve got some cleaning up to do.” I grin, “I think you’re right, boss.” I feel his cock hardening against my thigh, wow, young men do recover quickly. “Yeah, but the cleaning can wait,” I grin, grasping his cock with a hand, “My sweet tooth isn’t satisfied yet, I need more of my sweet thing.”

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