Delicate yet prominent,

crowning the gentle curve of neck to shoulder

a focal point for my vison.

Running my gaze across with a whispering intensity

That I wish were my fingertips tracing them on their

sensual journey

down your body

adventuring to delights unknown.

My mouth watering,

My teeth digging into the flesh of my bottom lip,

My tongue engorged and trapped.

All I want to do is kiss


kiss along you, sweet collarbones.

Nip and nibble and suck at the proud ridges

That bring attention to pretty face and plump lips.

That protect the gentle arc of tremulous breasts.

That all together whip me up into a tumult of lust.

Oh, please, please, please

Continue to tease

Bring me to my knees

For just a taste

of you.



With thanks to my Sweet Thing for the photo of her amazing collarbones to accompany my ode.