I’ve not been well for a little while, my asthma is kicking my arse but I found this poem I wrote a couple of years ago and decided to share today! 


All That Matters


It’s this that keeps us sane, after death, pestilence and fruitless battle, we need this!
The distraction of music, the social flutter of men and women, avoiding the truth.

Pretty ladies, suspenders and short skirts.
For a moment, all we focus on is their beauty.

We’ll never forget the horrors;
No cleavage is deep enough to hide the fear,
no brassiere strong enough to carry the black tar coating our shining gold hearts.

No eye bright and sparkly enough to truly pierce the darkness.
But we play, we laugh, we whoop and stomp
And indulge in something natural, the beating of our hearts racing with arousal
Instead of hammering with adversarial adrenaline.

This keeps us sane, keeps us carrying on, this frivolity, this show.
This makes it easier to beat,
As grey takes a backseat for just one night.
All that matters
Is the prettiness of that girl.