Absolute Valentines

Valentine’s day is the perfect time for some furtive fumbling and secret sauciness.

This amazing collection of nine erotic stories all with a valentine’s theme is sure to get your heart thumping, your blood pumping and your pulse racing. Written by some of the adult and romantic fiction world’s best-loved authors, this special digest is a Valentine’s treat that can be enjoyed all year round!

Would you like to read some excerpts?

Clouds, Sex and Chocolate

“You’ve got it on the brain” I said curving my hand over his body and stroking over his crotch. I can feel him hardening through the stiff cotton of his summer shorts.

“Oh, are you complaining?”

“No” I purr, stroking his dick, feeling it swell in response to my touch, “it’s one of the main reasons I love you.”

“Mm, good.” He kisses along the curve of my neck and I slip my hand under the waistband of his shorts as a reward for his kissing caresses on one of my hottest erogenous zones.

“You’re a naughty thing,” he whispers, “seducing me in such a public place.”

“We’ve not seen a soul all afternoon,” I reply, pulling his erection clear of his pants, “and I really don’t think the sheep in the next field care what we get up too.”

“Baaa,” the sheep interject just at that moment and make us chuckle.

“See,” I smile, “they just gave us permission to fuck.”

No Matter What

“But Anna, how could you not tell me who you were?”

“Christopher,you know who I am more than any other person alive.” She lay her hand on his arm, “it’s in my every touch, my every kiss. I never lied to you, I couldn’t lie to you I just couldn’t say that name because I knew it would break my heart.”

He looked as if he were going to speak and then his lips hit hers, his arms wrapped around her and they were kissing with a ferocity neither had experienced before. They wrestled with passion and lust as the importance and depth of their relationship came apparent. As Christopher pushed a hand up and under her long skirts she reached down to prise him from his formal trousers. They were getting covered in grass stains but they didn’t care.

Valentine’s Master

He stroked past her pussy, low enough for her to feel it but not touching her enough to get her off. She mewled with frustration.

“So tell me, darling, what do you want?”

“I want,” she started, her gaze turned to the floor, “I really want”

She let the sentence hang then lifted her gaze until she looked her handsome husband directly in the eye.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“That’s a good girl,” he smiled and untied her legs from the bottom corners of the expensive hotel four poster bed, “now I’m going to give you just what you want.”

© Victoria Blisse

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