I knew handing him a paddle was a bad idea. Even if it was his paddle and I had to.

My problems multiplied when Kev took out a box full of resin er, delights for him to check out.

Alex is a sadist.

Alex is a fan of beating me.

Alex is insert list of swear words here

He even undressed me. Manhandling my breasts to hang over my bra so he would have more flesh to impact.

Even having a guest didn’t deter him. In fact, he was poking and hitting her too. Our friend Jess was way wiser than me. She said no to his hits.

I pressed my chest out further. He dug in with pokey things. Punched with knuckle duster (ish) things, all the while smiling at me wickedly and looking deep into my eyes. It was an onslaught. If I didn’t respond entertainingly enough to one thing he’d try another or switch it around.  Therefore remembering what came when is pretty difficult.

There was a moment when my breasts were reddening (he had started that in the car. Casually pinching my tit as we sat idling at a red light) where he dug in with something so hard and so violently and it hurt so much that I bit him.

I bit his bicep just as it was under my mouth. It was not a bratty action or a calculated thought, it was sheer primal instinct. It felt good at the time.

Then I looked up into his eyes and I felt fear.

Sheer, instinctual primal fear.

And he didn’t hit me.

Because Alex knows I hate that the most.


He rifled through the pretties Kev handed him. Gently scratching Jess or slapping her with the paddle then looking back to me. The idiot who was not saying no.

Each time I’d puff out my chest and challenge him non-verbally to do his worst. And he did. I especially enjoyed the full force punches from his bare fists. I haven’t been punched in oh such a very long time and the head buzz was instant as I felt the violence vibrate through my flesh. I could have taken much, much more of that but there was a paddle to use and my breasts to abuse all the more. He wasn’t about letting me enjoy it.

In fact he did use his bare hands more, to yank my tits from my bra and to twist the nipples. Hard. It’s a new soft limit since the first time I played with Alex and he broke me with it. I let him do it, because he loves it and I was high on pain. It hurt, to the limit hurt and I revelled in it.

I was saying to Jess what he’d been doing and how I was letting him as it’d been a long time since we’d played and he loves it, his face broke into a huge smirk and he began his assault on my bruised bits yet again. I can’t win with this one. I’ve learnt this.

I started to struggle as the sting of his torture implement (Can’t recall which) hitting in the same damn spot overwhelmed my senses. That was when his knee ended up planted firmly between my thighs, dug into my cunt and the faint glimmer of paingasm intensified. I kept staring him square in the eyes. Not wanting to falter, not wanting to give in.

But the regular beat of pain to my chest and the pressure on my cunt became too much and my grunts went from expressions of pain to expressions of ecstasy.

And that is when my gaze dropped. The moment I came. In my living room, husband on the sofa, new friend standing by and Alex smirking down at me.


Deliciously so.

Of course I had little time to register that or recover and it was as he hung over me, paddle poised to fall that I looked into his big, beautiful blue eyes and noticed they were mostly black pupil. Widened with lust. And it was good, so good to know I got to him too.

Much grappling ensued, he was sat in my lap for a while as I wrapped my leg around him. Of course he just hit my leg until I let go and why I was holding him closer? I don’t really know. I had some kind of strange primal reaction unleash, to a point where I made fists to retaliate.

No idea how to even throw a goddamn punch but I was ready.

Even as we hugged, he dug into my bruises.

I decided to hug Jess because she is nice and he beat my butt with his paddle as I hugged her because, well, it was there I suppose and he’s a meanie.

It was a tussle to hug him, each time I’d try to grab him to hug he’d go to hit me, eventually I got him to actually return the hug. I was pressing my breasts hard into him, just to make sure there was pain to appease him even as we shared a sweet moment.

All this took a matter of minutes, a whirlwind of a scene that took my breath away and aroused a primal reaction I didn’t know I was capable of!

I love a beating from cold. I love the roughness, the bruises, the ache.

Thanks Alex.

More soon? Pleeeeaaaaaaaaase?


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