After meeting the amazing Kayla at Eroticon, I thought it was time I joined in with Masturbation Monday again!


Here’s a hot masturbation scene from a short story called ‘You are Mine.’


“Bravo! That was an amazing show.” Clint exclaims.

“Oh, it’s not over yet, Clint. I didn’t let her climax earlier, she’d been so naughty. But I think she might have earned an orgasm now, what do you think?”

“For six of the best? Oh definitely, James, she’s earnt it.”  Clint grinned widely.

“I’m glad you agree.” He pulls away from her and tips her chin up with the tip of his finger. “I want you to lean against this desk, spread your thighs and masturbate until you you’re ready to come. Understand?”

Their gazes lock, she knows she can say no if she wants but she is desperate and this is a fantasy come true.

“Yes, Sir.”

Her excitement stutters when he walks away from her. He stops about six feet away and Clint walks up to join him. Suddenly she is very aware of her audience and what is demanded of her. She screws her eyes tightly closed and exhales heavily.  Leaning back against the desk edge is torture. She knows the Doms will be feeding off her pain and that gives her a satisfied warmth in the pit of her stomach. After all, she really just wants to please them.

Spreading her thighs, she dips her fingers between her plump, wet lips. She knew she was wet, had felt the evidence on her thighs but until that moment she hadn’t realised just how close to climax she was. It takes only a few strums of her finger against her clit to bring her to the brink.

But she doesn’t want it to be over that quickly. She opens her eyes to see both Doms focusing in on her fingers and her open cunt. Her cheeks burn with embarrassment or is it lust or some strange combination of the two?

She slides two fingers down between her lips and inside her. Gasping and groaning, aware of her scent and wondering if they would be able to smell her arousal too. She fucks herself slowly, keeping her gaze fixed on the men before her. Both are breathing deeply, both focused on her spread thighs. She has them bewitched.

She can’t deny herself any longer. She needs release. With a moan she trails her juicy fingers up to her clit and mewls deeply as she takes up the rhythm that will lead to her climax. Sir looks up and their eyes lock. She can see the passion, the arousal and the pride in his gaze and it’s enough to make her come.  She’s that close.

“Please, Sir?” She asks. It’s the number one rule. She’s not allowed to orgasm without permission.

“Please, Sir, what?” he asks, wry smile painted on his lips.

“Please, Sir, can I come?” She gasps, closing her eyes against the intensity of his gaze.

“What do you think, Clint?” He enquires of his fellow Dom. She bites down on her lip. She’s so close, how could he keep her hanging on like this?

“Oh, I suppose you should grant her permission, James. She’s earnt it.”

She whimpers, the pressure of holding back becoming too much.

“Oh, okay then, come for us.”

She lets herself go, those words echoing in her mind as she lets pleasure flood her. She is being watched by two men, one she barely knows as she comes, and comes hard.

She buckles, sliding to the floor, her legs no longer holding her up. Her arse screams with pain as it hits the carpet and her orgasm rolls on.

When she is once again aware of all that’s going on around her, she is in her Master’s arms.

“Good girl,” he whispers against her hair, “I’m so proud of you and I’m so glad you are mine.”


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