This is Part 2 of an evening enjoyed at Townhouse. It can be read alone but if you want to know it all check out Baited, Beaten and Broken for part 1.



What are my favourite kind of beatings?


More beatings.


Alex was busy in another scene so I happily watched on as others enjoyed themselves in the social area at Townhouse. One lucky individual was getting double topped and getting all the kisses, strokes and beatings. Time was marching on when Alex came to find me. Did I want to play again?


Of course I did.


Up the stairs I went again. This time we were in a bigger private room, again with the bed stretching the width of the room but you could easily fit 2 couples on this one, compared to the smaller room Alex broke me in earlier.

It was 1am and the club shut at two. So in pre-negotiations I made it clear we both needed to be in a fit state to think and move and get home at the end of it.  I don’t often need a lot of aftercare but after being broken twice earlier in the night, I didn’t know just how much more I could take.

Boobs were labelled out of bounds. They’d been well mauled and couldn’t take any more. Which I was very aware of when I leant over the bed so Alex could hit me with stuff. I can’t remember exactly what came where but he used a range of items from the bag and again he’d have me night on begging him to hit me at times.

I never vocalised the words but I don’t know a single other Dom who loves the anticipation as much as him. Each attempted hit that didn’t connect jangled my nerves. I’d huff and whine and wiggle or tense up and stay incredibly still.

“WOULD YOU JUST BLOODY HIT ME!” are the words that echoed through my mind. I don’t know what would happen if I ever vocalised them.

But he would always hit me…eventually. And the more dramatic my reaction the happier he was.




At one point Alex was using this stretchy single tail I have and he accidently hit himself in the balls. Poor guy was bent over in pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “Do you need anything?”

It made him laugh that I was so concerned for his comfort considering how much he’d hurt me all night. My sadism doesn’t work like that. I know he didn’t like the pain so I didn’t want him to be in it. He recovered well and laughing at my concern definitely helped in that. I am such a good girl!

The best hit of the whole night was with my metal letterbox paddle. It made a ringing noise as it hit and left a right angle on my butt. And fucking hell it really hurt. I instantly collapsed. Happily, mind. It was good pain. He had broken my butt though. So we had to pause for a clean-up. As that lower right quadrant of my right buttock is now a right little bleeder. Not that I mind, but obviously it changes the tone of the play and needs seeing to.

I got hit with a good number of things and we both had a real laugh. It was just the right note to end the night on.  Not that I know what note was made from the ringing of the letterbox paddle. It left a right angle imprint that made me feel like my butt was a game of tetris though.

Before we left the room, Alex gave me a kiss. It made me smile. We’d had such an intense night, done so much, explored each other in intimate ways but that little kiss was as memorable as any of the moments that had come before.

It takes a good hour to get back from Townhouse to mine, so the journey home was fun. I was achy. All over. Any kind of bump, sharp corner or rapid deceleration would hurt. Which Alex was incredibly sensitive and caring over…oh no, no he wasn’t. He laughed at all my ouchie noises.




It’s not like I felt an extra buzz of satisfaction every time he took joy in my discomfort or anything. What kind of masochist do you take me for?


Oh, yeah. You know me by now.


I was happy.


Hell, I was horny.


I was satisfied.


I love a good beating ooooh but I love two good beatings all the more!