A Review for Night of the Senses!

nightsenseChocolate, cakes and domination, what more could a girl want?

Emma hadn’t stepped out of her flat in six months. When she did it was the smell of a local patisserie that lured her down the street. Every day she walked to Jacques to admire the cakes and enjoy their scent, then she discovered Jack.

Jack, the patisserie owner and baker is just the dominant, commanding man she wants, but can she learn to accept her submissive nature? Will she indulge her appetite for sexual spice and ignore her good girl guilt or will she resist the temptation and regret it forever? BUY eBook NOW – £5.69

Priscilla Petty at Night Owl Romance has given Night of the Senses 5 out of 5!

Night of the Senses is a romp through BDSM paradise as these authors pool together to share some of their deepest and erotic fantasies of this exciting lifestyle. Each author masterfully tells a tale that will have you twisting and turning in your seat, and I dare you to choose a favorite. But don’t take my word for it-go out to get NIGHT OF THE SENSES today.

Priscilla Petty