A Restorative Review.

Toni Sands has written a Lovely Review of my e-Xcite Story, Restoration. It’s a beautifully written review and here is part of it for you.

Not even at home is Theresa safe from her fantasies and frustration. She weaves a steamy web around an awesome threesome, imagining both the stone god and the doctor pleasuring her. There’s great imagery here as the contrast between the cold, hard stone of the statue and the warm, soft flesh of the humans is explored. Theresa has the doctor telling her she’s a slut so we have the grimy statue, the dirty girl and the plummy-voiced doctor also getting down and dirty. Great stuff. But it’s not actually happening yet and boy, do I want it to.

Toni Sands

If you want to read more just pop over to Toni’s Website and check out the ‘Reviews’ tab and you’ll find Restoration listed there.

So, do you fancy an excerpt from Restoration? Oh go on then, here’s one just for you:

I am exhausted. I’ve been working on Priapus till all hours. In my flat at night I lie in my bed, fantasising about the statue I’ve been working on all day. I imagine him in flesh, his cock red and throbbing and I rub myself raw attaining orgasm after orgasm but never feeling satisfied. My vibrators are too small, my fingers too familiar. I want his cock, I need Priapus to split me open and take his tribute from my wide spread verdant valleys.

“Well, he’s not such and ugly bastard after all, then.” Doctor Browning’s voice comes from the other side of the table, close to my ear and I jump, startled.

“I wish you’d announce yourself before walking in.” I hiss, my heart thumping.
“I did, but you were so engrossed with Priapus here, you didn’t hear me.”

“Oh, right. Well, you have to concentrate when you’re doing such delicate tasks, Doctor.”

“I imagine so, I certainly do. He’s looking good so far, Theresa.”

“Thank you,” I smile, “He’s definitely a Roman impression of the god. The Greeks had him down as some kind of ugly midget with a big prick. This Priapus is much too pretty and tall to be Greek.”

“I’d agree, and where he was found backs that up. He is a handsome chap, isn’t he?” Doctor Browning runs a finger over Priapus’ hair, over his nose and traces gently over his lips. I lick my own as these actions seem blatantly sexual to me, though they can’t be. I mean Doctor Browning just isn’t like that, is he?

“Anyway,” he pulls his hand away like he’s been scolded, “Great work Theresa. I’ll be back next week to check on the progress.”

“Okay.” I nod and then lower my eyes to my task once more.

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