We finally managed to book in some time together.  Poly calendar juggling is definitely a challenge. But we got time together allotted and I booked us a Leeds hotel room for the night. It was Easy and I got a special thrill from booking into the easy hotel for fun sexy times with my boyfriend.  At Last!

I was in Leeds for Valhalla of Decadence, a fantastically fun comedy night hosted by my mates  No Money In The Bank.  Me and my son thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I even more so when my gorgeous Chris turned up. We sat holding hands or stroking each other’s thighs. Had to keep it PG as HittyKitty is very anti PDA (they made throwing up noises when I kissed Chris on the cheek!) but as they headed back to Manchester and we headed towards our hotel, we didn’t have to worry about that any more.

I was particularly thrilled by a kiss in the elevator. It felt naughty and oh so nice all at once. I kinda wish someone had been there to see as the doors slid open at our floor, just to get that real feel of being a dirty slut up to sleazy no good in a cheap hotel room but there wasn’t. I was soon in the room and we were soon on the bed and I was soon completely absorbed in him, nothing more than him.

His kisses are intoxicating. Soft and tender, hard and demanding. He asked permission to take photos and we took some, still dressed then the shots became fewer and the amount of clothing much less. His every touch sizzled through my veins. So gentle, so reverent. I felt like a goddess. Even more so as he ever so gently cupped my foot and kissed it.

I don’t remember the precise order of things. I know my underwear got removed and his fingers were inside me and he was kissing me and it was all so good that when he asked me what I wanted my mind went absolutely blank.

In the end, as he continued to touch and pinch and scratch me all over I replied, “You, I want you.”

Because that is what I’d been wanting for so long, a year in fact. I wanted, no, needed to be fucked.

And he is such a good boy of course he obliged. Seeing him completely naked was amazing, touching him, stroking his naked body was a dream come true. He felt so good in my hands, his erection so hard, his stomach and chest heaving as I lazily explored him.

We grabbed a condom, I was more than ready to have him inside me. And as he knelt between my thighs, I admired all of him. His slim frame, his sweet lips, his dark eyes that sparkled through glass lenses. It felt like a dream. But when he touched me, when he pressed against my cunt and asked for guidance I knew it was real. At last.

“A little lower, yes, yes, that’s it!” I verbally guided him between my slick lips. Gently he rocked back and forth, letting me get used to him stretching me. We looked into each other’s eyes as he sunk deeper and I moaned and threw my head back as ecstasy flooded me.

Finally. Fucking finally.

He made the most delightful little mewls and gasps as he fucked me, leaning over me, bending back with mind boggling flexibility to fuck at an angle that had me shaking with lustful spasms of rolling orgasm after orgasm.

“I really want you on top.” He said. “I’ve always wanted to have you ride me.”

“Oh, really?” I grinned, sliding to a seated position. “Then I shall ride you.”

I clambered over him. I’m not elegant in anyway at all but I got to a position that worked and between us we moved and guided until we once again slotted together and he slid into the hilt with no subtle build up.

I looked into his face as I rode him. My hands on the headboard, my breasts hanging low in his line of sight, his hands on my hip, then on his phone, only slightly distracted a he captured us locked together. After a while I needed to dismount. I need to work on my flexibility.

I decided it was my turn to explore him. I kissed, licked and nibbled (gently of course) down his body and with the condom removed I set about wanking his cock and sucking it. Because we know I love a mouth full of dick. Oh, the noises he made. Whines and groans and whimpers. Fuck, it was delightful.

“I’m going to come.” He gasped out, “Don’t wanna make a mess.”

So I of course maneuvered my mouth and boobs around his cock.

“You can make a mess of me.” I purred. And thrilled at the taste of him, salty and earthy on my tongue, the drip of his warm cum on my chin and down to my breasts.

“Mmmm, yummy.” I was the cat who got the cream.

Anticipation satisfied. At last.