Beguiled by the beautiful blooms within

I stand outside and stare

I do it with care

I saw the sign there

That said

‘Look but don’t open the doors’

So I’m allowed to admire.

And admire I do.

Such sweet, delicate pinpoints of buds,

Vines growing and curving

Shaping and making


same but new.

Each day I visit,

stand and observe.

A different colour,

a new curve,

an exploding, unfurling bloom.

I cheer and squee

whenever I see

 more of this

 beautiful gift

 from mother nature

The fertile feminine

Growing from the earth of new birth.

Growing wilder,

growing bold

Until the beauty can be contained no more

Vines crawl slowly out the door.

Flowers break through the window panes

pains and gains

the wonder of the wonderful


A little bit more each day.

Colours bright and gay,

Born this way.

No longer concealed in a box

Broken through the glass ceiling

Wild and free

Reaching out for me.

I surrender happily to

Her embrace.

Floral grace.

Uninhibited, wandering giddily.

Carrying me along,

I sing her visceral, fertile song

Bringing others to where they belong

in the beautiful bloom

of you.

A new Flower

Of womanly power

journeying on

hour after hour

breaking others free,

dropping seeds of new generations

carnations and correlations

out, loud, proud.

New gardens burst from the

Old capitalist constructs

Minimalism so binary

So yesterday

She leads the way

to a new earth covered in

wild flowers of opportunity and love.



This poem was inspired by one written by Sweet Thing including the lines

‘You can peek inside my greenhouse but don’t open my doors 

Watch my blossom from inside like a flower gone wild…’

And when I saw the Lustitude image of a cage…well, of course this jumped to mind.


Lustitude The Meme