“I need to snog!” I exclaimed whilst watching the FA Cup final.

“Okay then, love.” My husband replied and blew me several kisses.

I love that man. And so today’s Sunday Snog is a bit of a cheat, in that it’s not an excerpt from a book at all it’s an excerpt from my life, the chapter entitled ‘the love of my life.’

Kev and I met on the internet, back in the 90’s when that was all kinds of weird. So our first kisses were in stars and words. Anyone know what *KOTC* is? Well, that was our first kiss. Our real first kiss was in my mum’s front room as I sat in his lap. It was a thing, you see. Online. So we had to try it in real life. It was good.  It was very good, I remember being so nervous and then that just melting away because it all felt so right.

We’ve shared many kisses since then. Several a day. Each one a loving symbol that illustrates how much we mean to each other.


Each kiss holds it’s own unique emotion and sentiment. We have shared kisses of consolation and content, lust and lament, joy and jubilation. I know his lips as I know my own but each time our lips meet I am amazed once more about how perfectly they dance against mine.

Kev is my ultimate, daily inspiration. I’m so grateful that I have him and all his delicious kisses in my life.



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