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Sometimes a picture says it all.

For me, Uncover Me began with a picture. After I had been introduced to the sex blog community in Tumblr, one picture in particular caught my eye. It was a woman on her hands and knees on a bed. You couldn’t see her below the shoulders, but her face wasn’t really the point of the picture. She wore a blue shirt pushed up to her midriff and  a pair of floral panties drawn down to her thighs. She seemed to be waiting, but the question of what was left up to the viewer.

That’s how the first scene of Uncover Me unfolded. I wondered what the woman was waiting for, what had transpired before she took her pose, and what would come next. I wrote the anonymous woman’s story, and from that picture I created Carrie Thorn, a mistrusting sex blogger who begins an affair with one of her devoted and eager readers.

Like this picture that inspired me, it’s a photo of Carrie that hooks Brendan. She becomes his fantasy girl in an instant, and once he has her in the flesh he wants nothing more than to get to know the real woman behind the sexy persona.




God, she wanted him to kiss her. She wanted his tongue gliding over hers, licking, sucking, devouring. She tipped her head back, but he just kept watching her.

‘I’ll bet you’re as wet as I am hard right now. I’ll bet you’re dripping through your panties.’ His tongue snaked out, quick as lightening, and skimmed over her bottom lip. Carrie was electrified in an instant. His grip loosened. ‘Unzip me. Take my cock out.’

The hardest thing in the world at that moment was separating from him. To be that close, to be in that timeless moment of promise, was perfection.

And yet she did what he asked. She stepped back and reached down with trembling fingers, and somehow pushed the button through his fly and worked the zipper.

If her heartbeat had been crazy before, he would have found it frenzied by now.

Anticipation looped in her stomach as she grasped his waistband and pushed.

He groaned, and she stopped. ‘Am I hurting you?’

‘The wait is hurting me,’ he murmured. ‘Keep going.’

Carrie steeled her nerves, and with a gentle nudge his jeans were around his thighs and his cock bobbed in front of her.

He leaned close, so close the wash of his breath in her hair sent a shiver through her. ‘Have you ever sucked someone off before?’

‘Of course I have.’

Brendan hooked her chin up with his finger and forced her to look at him. ‘No getting defensive. That shit is done. Just questions and answers, OK?’

She gave a little nod and sucked in a deep breath. ‘Sorry.’

‘No apologising either.’

Glancing at him, she saw a little smile on his face. She couldn’t help but giggle. ‘OK. Just … yes, I have.’

‘You didn’t like it.’ Her hand was in his again, his thumb tracing the long line that bisected her palm. ‘Tell me.’

‘I do at first, but I don’t like it when it gets rough.’

She expected him to laugh. He didn’t. His mouth tightened. ‘It’s not supposed to “get rough”, though some men get a little too excited.’

‘And you don’t?’

‘Sometimes it’s hard not to, but I prefer to let the woman set the pace. Just reach up and grab a hold of something and let her do her thing.’

‘Is that what you want from me?’

‘Not today. Soon. Right now, I want you to show me how badly you want me to play with your pussy.’ He dropped her hand and grasped his cock, then nodded to the pile of pillows against the headboard. ‘Up there, facing the wall.’

It was an awkward climb for Carrie. The plush foam mattress sagged in all the wrong places and made her feel like a lumbering dinosaur as she crawled on her hands and knees into position. Regardless of how ungraceful she was, Brendan settled at her hip and pushed up her skirt.

‘These are new. At least, I haven’t seen them before.’ He tugged the elastic at the curve of her bottom. A shiver went up her spine when he curled his fingers round the waistband. ‘You really do dress like you’re always ready for a fuck.’

Carrie closed her eyes as he bared her and bunched the panties just above her knees. She heard his sharp intake of breath, and then the low whistle as he expelled it.

She burned as he used his thumb to expose her even more.

‘I was right. You are dripping.’ He withdrew his hand slowly, fingertips rubbing her slick pussy lips. ‘Do you keep your toys in the nightstand?’

‘Under the bed. Do you want to see?’

‘I’m just curious. Like I said, I want to know my way around. For now, I want you to finger your clit for me.’

Her head was like a balloon floating high above her, but her body was heavy as she put her weight on one arm and slipped a hand between her legs.




There’s a heart inside every fantasy.

The photos are becoming a compulsion for Carrie. As soon as she wakes up, she feels the need to engage with the readers of her erotic website, Dirty Pictures. No matter how hard she tries to focus on her real life the need is always there. The high is knowing that men desire her.

One day a comment on her erotic website makes Carrie go cold: one of her readers, Brendan, has recognised a landmark in the window of one of her pictures. Brendan knows where to find her and has sent a tantalising private message. His invitation to play was so tempting in no time at all, in a variety of settings, their sensual adventures become wild. Her sexual and emotional reawakening reaches peaks she never imagined possible.

But Carrie finds it difficult to treat their relationship as casual. Terrified of heartbreak, she breaks off her affair with Brendan. Her previous relationship left her in tatters and she’s too scared to take such a chance again. Brendan endured a broken marriage so she’s not alone in her confusion and reticence. But can Carrie ever hope to be more than his fantasy girl?




“I always look forward to what A.M. Hartnett is going to say next. This is the truth. Whether in an email, a blog post, on Twitter, or in one of her erotic stories, I am always curious to see what Hartnett will come up with. She’s got me on the edge of my seat (in more ways than one)” — Alison Tyler, author Dark Secret Love.

A.M. Hartnett began writing erotica upon receiving what, at the time, she considered very bad advice from a career counselor. Since 2006, her short stories have appeared on the web and in various anthologies, including Kristina Wright’s Best Erotic Romance series and Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Curvy Girls.

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